1st timer + shift worker... help please!

Hi all, 

I'm signed up for the VLM '13 having wanted to run a marathon for years (I'm 40 now).

I started training in mid-May and have so far run a few 5k routes and 10k last week. And today I signed up for the Maidenhead half in September and the Grand Union Canal half in November.

I work shifts and am generally not great at following running programs. So here's my own plan - see what you think...

I'll get myself a new pair of shoes this week (at a specialist shop) and aim for two short runs + one long run per week (increasing in distance each time), and add in a bit of strength training at the gym every now and then.

Do think this'll work for both halfs and of course the VLM? Thanks in advance image



  • I'm in a similar situation - can only get out for 2 short(er) runs in the week and a long run on a Sunday.


    The advice I have had has been to try and build up the pace of the shorter runs - e.g. 3-4 miles at 70-80% effort.  Also, max effort up hills once a week, if possible.

    I find I can run 8-9 miles now but I'm still doing 10min/mile.  Just wondering if this will improve?


    Be interested to hear what more experienced runners think.

  • PAz - it all depends what you want to achieve at VLM. If you are looking for a fantastic time, then you will need to be doing 5 or 6 sessions a week. But if you  want to get round in a reasonable time and enjoy the experience, what you are doing sounds fine, If you can build up a good base firness over the next few months, get the race experience during your halfs, then start expanding your long runs in the New Year, you'll be fine.

    I'd get a couple of programmes and see what the key elements are and fit those around your job.

    Chris - I think the same would apply to you. And I would expect you to drop you time by 1 - 1.30 per mile over the new few months - I know I did when I first started.

    Paz - the other option is - I usually marshall those 2 halfs so you could also bribe me image

  • That's great, Rafiki, many thanks image 

    My No.1 goal is to just complete the VLM and enjoy it, ideally at least one second under 4 hours. Of course there is also the fact that I'll be raising at least £1,500 for my charity.

    Now, that bribe you were talking about... image

    PS Good luck, Chris

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