Cricklade Half-Marathon

I've entered this for the first time this year and very much looking forward to it. Anticipating a good well organised small race. Has anyone got any comments to make on it?


  • i've run both the 10k and half, well organised race with plenty of marshalls. 

  • Thanks, I was hoping that would be the case. Now all I need is one of those lovely crisp sunny October mornings.......

  • probably be joining you for the half again. certainly was a lovely hot sunny day last year!

  • Hope you have a good one.

  • agreed   very nice  weather last year   ,  could of done with more water/energy stations

  • alan   i parked by the a419 near the playing fields  , away from the route   , only takes 8 mins to walk to the start

  • Thats where I parked as well. Gets very busy and congested in and around sports centre. 

    Still haven't got round to entering. Should really get my act together.

  • I've run it once, and recall that it was just about as flat as it could be. A tiny rise into the village for the final half mile. The finish was on a field, so kind of awkward if you are pushing a full grown Phil in his chair and your name is Mick.

    I'm glad that it was nice last year, it was one of the wettest races I recalled.

    I wonder if I could enter on the day?

  • not sure if you can enter on day, but I know someone upgraded from 10k to half marathon last year.

  • The event website says "entries on the day will not be allowed". I am running the 10K and will be Race Referee for the Half Marathon.

  • It was a fab race to my memory

    hoping to return tomorrow for a second

    should be around our 251st HM

    Blister is a nice guy really,


  • Today, - After a real bad night, and after almost not going at all, due to getting up an hour later than planned - we made our way to Cricklade nr Swindon - for their annual HM,....

    a 10k, and HM incorporated, its what i call a small low key small town event actual fact as we found out many years ago, and today proved the same - it is simply a fantastic event, ... in my opinion in every way possible...

    we went around steady, i did walk the odd bits, suffering bady from indigestion, and finshed in a nice 2:20 - but then we never intended much else, - ...

    previously when we ran it many years ago we clocked just under 2 hours - that was fine then, but i had little intentions of anything like that today - we were just going to enjoy the fabulas countryside etc...

    The whole event and out on the course was just fabulas...

    our 251st HM ?? umm what ever, quite happy

  • hi mick   i saw you at the start   glad you you like liked the race  see you next year


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