First Run tomorrow

Hi All,

Going for my first Run tomorrow, any advice / suggestions would be much appreciated.



  • Don't start too fast and don't be afraid to walk sections! image Don't forget to write down how far you went and at what speed - it'll motivate you when you start building up runs and it's great to have a record of how you've improved! image
  • Don't look at your watch after you've started it until you're just about to stop - just go out for however long you're intending, which I'd guess at 20 minutes (?) as it's your first run, and just enjoy it and ditto RRR - walk if you feel you want/need to - just keep moving forwards - that's all that matters for now.

    Have a good 'un and plan a little reward for when you get home - a biscuit, sweetie whatever - just something to remind yourself how well you've done just by going out! That's 9/10 of the battle!

    When you get home start investigating beginner's programmes if you  haven't already chosen one to follow - it'll give you something to tick off and keep you improving. image


  • Good luck and hope you enjoy it! As runnyrunrun says, there's no shame at all in walking sections - I did the C25k about 10 weeks ago which starts off with a walk run pattern and I'm now running 5k 4 times a week and getting faster all the time. I find it really helps to track your runs using something like runkeeper - I also keep a me-only blog to track kit, weather, how I feel etc to see what affects my runs and it's a great motivator to find that you increase speed image By the way, the first few (if you are mega unfit like I was) are always a bit of a struggle but they really do get easier and much more fun image Let us know how you do!

  • Many thanks for the advice, althought i'm not exactly built for running image (6' 1" 44 years old and 16 stone) i'm looking forward to it. Mainly because i'm keen to see what i can achieve as i also cycle 10 miles every Sunday. I'm not looking to break any records as long as I enjoy it i'll be happy !!

  • I'm not built for running either (fat bird, just slimmed down from over 15 stone to 13 12) but I love love love my runs - hope you find them as addictive as I do!

  • As others have said, mix it up with walking.  I started by running for one minute and walking for two minutes and that progressed to running for two minutes to walking for one minute.

    And after nearly a year I've built that up 'n' up and tomorrow I'm doing an 11 mile easy, bringing my weekly total to just over 30 miles.

    Keep a diary, right from the beginning; log the time you train for; all the details; and it's great to reflect upon a few months down the line; you can really see the progress you're making.

    And enjoy it; I have to remind myself it's not about times and personal bests; but about just enjoying the freedom of movement and being outdoors (even if it is raining).

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