Cheddar Gorge Marathon

I couldn't get much detail about this from the website, but it looks like it may be in the grounds of Dyrham Park, from the main photograph.

Has anyone done it in the past, and have any recommendations about doing / not doing it? Paul


  • It's part of a new race series, with a 10K in June, half today and full in September. So I don't think anybody would have done it last year! 
    Today's half was held in Cheddar Gorge itself - nothing to do with Dyrham Park, though the company have hosted a race there as well.

  • Thanks Pethead. I struggled to find a postcode for the Cheddar Gorge, until I saw it was on the RW race details. I haven't yet located the other NT location, but will hopefully piece it together tonight.

  • I had a look at this on the website. The organisers are to be congratulated on starting a new event. I know the area from other races there and it looks like the marathon is two out and back runs on the same route, from one side of the Mendips to the other. Tough, scenic, but also a bit uninspiring as you will be covering the same bit of ground 4 times. Perhaps I am being unfair, but with a few more marshalls and a circle route rather than a line, they could have made a really attractive race.

  • Thinking of doing this one been out for 5 weeks done a 12 mile trail run today ran the course hard.can I enter on day.
  • Almost certainly yes to both!

  • Good but pretty tough event! I did start to worry once I saw where registration was! image
  • Very tough but if you love fantastic views and have a urge to try one of the toughest uk marathons do it ! But beware its very hilly. A wet run would be very dangerous
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