Evesham Vale 10K

How did everyone get on? I missed a PB by 20 seconds but enjoyed it nonetheless. Well marshalled and some good pockets of support out on the course. Loved the added fun / challenge of the muddy bits too!


  • Loved it Elgm, unlucky with the PB. Less mud and it was yours. However I agree it was fun with the puddles etc.

    Did 43:19 and a 58 sec Pb image
  • I was expecting a fast flat course and paced it accordingly. Have to say the mud and the hilly bits came as a bit of a surprise and I really felt it on the final mile or so back into town. It was a bit warm too.

    Anyway, enough moaning, despite all of the above I managed a pb of 44.35 (by my watch. Have chip times been published yet?) And with hindsight I really enjoyed it. Well organised, interesting route and an impressively weighty finishers medal.
  • Lou, yes ... Times on website. I improved by a few secs

  • Official time is 44.44, so not quite as good as I thought but still a pb. However, my chip time is listed exactly the same as my clock time, whereas everyone else's is a few seconds less. Odd. I certainly didn't start on the front row.
  • Hi, i only decided to do it on the Saturday then got told its not a PB course but as ive run limited 10K and yesterday was my 10th race in total i was happy with getting in at 39.46.

    There has been a few issues with times and places not sure if they have put them right as yet as it said i was in 26th in 39.46 and 24th was 39.51.

    But it was a nice run and as i didnt know what to expect it was good abit gutted as i thought we would turn back onto the park as we came over the bridge , my head dropped at that point. well done everyone though

  • @Lou Diamonds - the Evesham 10k route is far from hilly.

  • Really enjoyed it despite the mud and the heat. Planned to get round sub-45 which I managed (44:18).


  • ergfaf Chris wrote (see)

     Saturday then got told its not a PB course but as ive run limited 10K and yesterday was my 10th race 

    Does that make sense to anyone?

  • Times are definitely not right, to start with I wasn't listed at all, now my gun and chip time are the same. I'm a back of the pack runner, so no way did I go through the mats that early. Looking at the people around me, my chip time could be as much as a minute out. I heard a marshal at the start say that they'd moved the start this year because last year when chips failed the timing company blamed the traffic lights for interfering with them. Wonder what the excuse is this year?

  • @Kathryn T - only the gun time counts.  Technology fails, especially when moisture is involved.  My time isn't listed at all - not even on the newly published times.  28 runners didn't have records on the original list, but now most (if not all-but-one) do.

  • There seems to be a great deal of controvercy with chip & guns times at several events, if you know what time you did and is different to the one published let the organisers know immediately so that adjustments can be made. Chip timing is obviously the best with large events, it is easy for timekeepers that can be stood around for 3/4 hours to miss a few, but generally most official timekeepers are spot on with gun times. I remember the old days when you had to time yourself or listen to someone shouting it out at the finish, good fun, but then again there may only have been a couple of dozen in the race, good fun really. GUN & hand timing will be used in the first Puckrup Hall 5 Mile Classic on 19th August at the Hilton Tewksbury. NO online surcharge for entry on www.fyldecoastrunning.corg

  • I have to disagree that only the gun time counts; if that was the case then Sports Systems wouldn't be profiting from timing half the races in the country. Sure I could measure my own time, but I prefer to leave my stopwatch at home and enjoy the scenery. If you want people to line up according to ability and not clog up the start, then you have to accept that those people further back care about their chip time. I realize that some old schoolers don't think the back of the pack joggers have any place in a race whatsoever; I once read an article stating that if you weren't in it to win it you shouldn't bother to run at all; but in my opinion the masses add to the festival atmosphere. We're all trying to improve in some small way, and that minute in print does count to us. I also take part in hill runs, odd distances and small races for the fun of it but those tend to charge less for the privilege.

  • Gun times this is my first issue with them my gun time is 39.58 my chip time 39.46 but the runner who finished two places in front of me his gun time 39.51 and is chip time 39.58, so i cannot work out how ive finished behind him as im guessing he is the chap i past just before the finish line.

    can anyone actually give me an idea of how this works ?

  • IAAF Competition Rules (rule 165.24):


    “The official time shall be the time elapsed between the firing of the starting gun and the athlete reaching the finish line. However, the time elapsed between an athlete crossing the start line and the finish line can be made known to him, but will not be considered an official time.“


  • As this is my own club’s event I was a marshal (having only ever run it once).  Everyone I spoke to afterwards though this was a great event.

    The event had it all: sunshine, mud, scenic course, great support, even an Olympian presenting the prizes.  The organising committee and club members (including friends & family), went to great lengths to make it a success, as they do every year. 

    The only problem/issue was with the timing chip company which was beyond the control of Evesham Vale RC, although I believe this has now been rectified and everyone has their time.  We live in a technological world where everything happens in an instant, hence the use of timing chip companies.  It wasn’t that long ago that race results were typed up and mailed out to all runners (taking several days). 

  • @JB74 I don't think it's possible for a chip time to be slower than the gun time, however it is possible for someone with a slower chip time to finish in front of you if they got to the start line before you did. Chip times are the actual time you personally ran between the start and finish, which allows for large fields of runners. In the biggest races (the great north run etc) you can easily take 20 minutes to get to the start, so it does matter to those people, however they are not used for allocating medals. That's why if you think you've got a chance of winning you have to start right at the front, so you cross the start line as soon as the gun goes off.

  • @sandalls - not *everyone* has their chip time, nor a gun time. image  I agree, though, that it was an excellent event, as usual.

    @Kathryn T - chip times are, for most, slower thant he gun time, because more people cross the start line after the gun time.

  • @Intermanaut I do this every week. My chip time is _always_ faster. The gun clock starts before the chip does therefore it runs for longer.

    @sandalls Yes, Evesham was a fine event, just make sure you get your money back from the timing company, the times they've made up they've got by looking at the finishing photos.

  • @KathrynT - yes, you're right.  I got my mental arithmetic bass-awkwards.

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