Tissington Trail Half Marathon

Hi All,

 I ran much of the trail last year and thought then it would be ideal for a longer dustance race.

Thinking of entering - anyone else?




  • Hi Ian,

    I'm running it with my partner and both of my parents. First half marathon for my partner and I so we are a little nervous but apparently it's downhill all the way! (the reason why we chose this one)


  • ive done the tissington trail many of time on bike when i was 17/18 years ago, not sure how much in 13 years its changed, still toying weather to enter as this will be my first half, and not sure if im ready yet lol



  • Does anyone know whether this route is downhill all of the way? I am slightly confused by the description.  Would this by a potential PB course?

    Thanks Steve

  • I would guess it it
  • I want to do this! Is there a time limit for completion?

  • email the organiser and ask.

    I wouldn't think there are time limits but you never know.

    Nobody wants to be stood around waiting for 4 hours because the last person is walking (Mansfield Half 2002 I think)

  • Is this the old White Peak Half Marathon?

  • Signed up to do this now. No time limit - I'm not walking, so hope I won't take 4 hrs plus!!! Especially downhill. image

  • Danbert wrote (see)

    Is this the old White Peak Half Marathon?

    No, that one's in May image

  • It is a great running surface and definitly a PB chance

    steven ulfig wrote (see)

    Does anyone know whether this route is downhill all of the way? I am slightly confused by the description.  Would this by a potential PB course?

    Thanks Steve





  • Hi, I was supposed to be running this event but I have broken my ankle this week image can I offer anyone my place or get any sort of refund? Absolutely gutted.

  • Gemma, I had hoped to enter this one but see that it is full.  If you cannot get a refund let me know and I could take your place (paid of course).  Sorry to hear about your ankle.  Hope you will be mended soon. 

  • Hi Kate,

    I have sent you a message if you are still interested.

    Thanks image

  • Trail shoes for this one?


  • Has anyone had any info about it?  Like a start location and time? 

    It's my first half so I'm not too sure what to expect but I'm looking forward to it. 

    I spent a couple of days pootling up and down the track as a ranger during the foot and mouth outbreak when it was one of the only bits of the national park open!

  • They said the packs will be sent out a couple of weeks before. I'm looking forward to this one!

    Erzulie - I'll decide about shoes when I've seen the pack.
  • I'd rather wear my old faithfuls! The course is just grass I think, so if it's wet, trails, if not usuals.

  • Erzulie, I imagine gravel trails most of the way if memory serves.....

  • Thanks Ian. Getting scared now - feel like I haven't done enough! Oh well - it's too late now, just have to get stuck in.

  • Yep, Tissington Trail is a well maintained gravel path, so you should be fine with normal runners. Good luck image

  • Great stuff - I'd rather wear those - trails not properly run in. Thanks!


  • Have other runners received their race packs yet for this one?

  • I got mine this morning.


  • Yes, me too! I was getting a bit anxious.  Really looking forward to this one.


  • Its my first half so I'm a bit nervous...  I think I'm looking forward to it!


  • I haven't got mine yet image

  • Is anybody travelling to this from Manchester? 

  • If anybody is willing and able to give a lift to a friend who has a place and desperately wants to come please let me know. She is in Manchester and there are no trains/buses that can get her there early enough for the start. We are now travelling down the day before so can't give her a lift anymore as previously arranged. Many thanks.

  • Sorry Holly; we're coming in from the south.  Can she stay somewhere like Hartinton YHA the night before?


  • Didn't know this existed, thanks Deb, will suggest it.

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