Weight Training and Running

Hello all, I'm posting to ask what is the common thought out there regarding weight training in relation to running, for it seems most of what I've come across is focused more towards body-weight exercises.

I'm a novice in regards to both lifting and running, I having been doing both just under a year, with varing degrees of focus (and success) on each at different times over this period. After recovery from a recent injury, I am very much looking forward to getting back into running proper and I am willing for lifting to take a back-seat so to speak, but I realise that my usual weight programme could be counter-productive. Usually at the gym I focused on 5x5 primarily on barbell lifts such as squats, deadlifts etc 2-3 times a week. Should I focus on lower weights and more reps, sticking to what I'm doing or change the nature and focus of my routine entirely? Keeping in mind my current distances of middle to long, with a couple of half marathons planned before the year is out.

I'll be happy to read other people's routines and how it fits into their running (for better or for worse), as like I said, this is something I am having trouble finding an answer to, or much discussion on.


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    Well if you are looking to be competitive running then weights may not be the best but up to HM will prob not make much difference. If you enjoy doing weights then keep doing it. I tend to do lower weight more reps as it helps posture and my running efficiency but I'm marathon + distances.
  • I trained for several years in martial arts and did weights and a bit of running and built up quite a bit of muscle bulk. Following the arrival of children, I stopped the martial arts and weights and found the running felt so much easier. Might be that I lost about 1.5 stone over a year as muscle mass went.
  • I do weights, mainly kettlebells, as well as running - I think it helps, having strong glutes and core is never going to hurt your running performance, so I think the squats and deadlifts you describe are probably spot on.

    I try to do 3 x 30 min sessions of kettlebells a week, I'm not lifting huge weights (14 - 16kg on the swings; 8 - 12 kg on the one handed stuff) but I'm also not faffing around with 0.5kg dumbbells. I tend to do them in the morning or lunchtime of my non-running days, but I'd leave a couple of days clear between a tough kettlebell session and a really long run or a race.

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    you would be better off joining a sprint or middle distance group at your local track. the weight training is of great benefit for these track races.

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