Notfast Open 10k

Does anyone know why there was no t-shirt at this year's race?  Thanks  image


  • Was there anythingat all? In the past they have given away towells.
  • Yes, there was a metal water bottle with some Jubilee graphic on.  The last 2 years I've done it, we got a technical t-shirt, which was brilliant for training in (as well as advertising the race!).  I was looking forward to another for my collection  image

  • I suppose at 10 pounds entry it depends on what they can get their hands on for a bargain price. I got my towell years ago and I still use it.
  • To answer Polly- Polly's question. - As a member of the organising committee it was decided that we have given technical tee shirts for the last 2 or 3 years and perhaps runners had got plenty, hence the decision to give water bottles. We had about 50 surplus tee shirts from last year which we were selling at the finish. We still have a few left. Contact me via the Notfast website.

  • Hi Stuart  image  I don't think it's a matter of having plenty of's about adding to a collection  image  Another in a different colour would've been great!  I heard a lot of people discussing this.  I already have a black one and a white one and was looking forward to a blue one, or red, or green or whatever  image  Still a brilliant race, though!!  I love it so much, which is I keep resisting joining the club.....despite being nagged about it  lol   It would kill me to have to marshal it and not run image  Keep up the superb work!!  imageimage

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