Salomon advanced S-lab 12 set

Hay guys Ive set my heart on one of these

but am a bit dubious bout the sizing so would like to try before I buy.

Have been though all stockists and web, anyone know an actual shop that stocks these/


  • Most running shops just don't carry a decent selection of running backpacks. If you're anywhere near a Sweatshop, you can order them in, go in to the shop to try them on, and you're under no obligation to buy them. When I phoned my local Sweatshop to ask about backpacks I was told I could order in three or four if I wanted to try a few. They were really helpful. 

    Think you could do the same thing direct mail order, except you'd have to pay upfront and get a refund if/when you returned the one/s you didn't want.

  • Good thinking Batman! image

  • If you do get one, please pop back here and let me know what you think of it. I think they look great but they're so bloody pricey - I'd love to hear that they're worth every penny!

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    me too andy- i would like to try the hydration vests instead of backpacks, but being small not sure hw theyd fit. so let us know!!

  • Hi Andy

    I have the S Lab5 set. As far as fit is concerned, unless your a small bloke the M/L is probably best. If your very large across chest, then I doubt the pack will fit. The sizing is based on Salomon clothing. Bear in find, these packs wear slightly different from "normal" backpacks in that the fit is more akin to doning a waistcoat. They are phenomenomally comfy & stable over long distances, very well made and designed. In fact, I doubt I would be happy going back to the more traditional style backpacks.

    Finally, availability .. well you've probably got more chance of finding the loch ness monster than an S Lab12 set in stock!!! Very limited supply from Salomon in the UK, & when stock does arrive, its straight back out of the door. But well worth waiting for. If you do find a UK supplier with stock, please let me know, I've only been waiting for the last 3 months image


  • Forgot to add, there is also the skin pro series, similar design & fit, but not from S Lab dept, so fair bit cheaper. Availabilty seem good too.


  • I'm looking at the Skin Pro 10+3 I think...

    Castleberg Outdoors have the SLab5 Set in stock, and you can pre-order the 12 - due into them late August...

    But, the Skin Pro 10+3 is cheaper, so I think i'm heading down that route...

  • lovely-looking bit of kit...don't really need it, but tempted...

  • Well I found one here

    ordered it yesterday and its here already. Absolutely beautiful, got M/L and fits perfectly (only a proper raceing snake or Kilian Jornet would need a XS/S). Cheaper than everyone else and actually in stock not like 99% of the internet bluffers.

    Got a feeling Trekinn are going to be getting a fair bit of business from me in future, first class service

  • Hey Andy,

    Congrats! Glad your happy with it. Im sure once you take it on a run youll be amazed! I forget Im even wearing my 5 set

    Thanks for the info on Trekinn, they have seem to have great stock of Salomon products. For some strange reason the fact they are Spannish based put me of ordering in the past, but judging by your experience, I may just give them a try as the prices are fantastic.I feel a new pair of SLab fellcross calling me ready for winter image

  • Will do a test run tomorrow and let y`all know. Ive been looking for a replacement for my Raid Devil which finally fell apart just before the Croydon Ultra and I think this is gonna fit the bill nicely image

  • Well, no surprises, it fits, like Ace Ventura says "like a glove".

    Worth every penny image


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