garmin 110

hi just got one of these,can anyone tell me whether the pace setting indicated the pace at that moment in time or the predicted pace for a mile?and is there any way to move from one to the other?

cheers shawn


  • On my 110 it is the predicted pace for a mile, which I quite like as if you have to suddenly slow down to cross a road or something like that then you can still gauge your overall pace for that mile. I'm not sure if/how to switch between the two, sorry.

  • its the average pace for that mile  

  • cheers guys thought as much if i want exact pacing i can pinch mrs wildebeasts 205

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Also, when I have to stop to cross roads or some other reason, I'll stop the watch. Even when these gadgets have the auto-stop on them, they don't work since it takes a while before they realise you've stopped moving.

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