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Ok at the moment I'm using Strava and Garmin Connect to record my training, so I was just wondering what if anything would be the advantage to switching to training peaks.

I know a few of you ( especially Rosey ) are big fans of TP, and I'm just curious.



  • I've always used TP happy enough with it, haven't used the others so no idea
  • What is training peaks?
  • I use TP as well .. have used it for a while now (I do as I'm told)  image

    Its user friendly although I probably dont use it to its full potential, I also like beginnertriathlete for logging stuff and I think there was a free package there as well

  • Thanks for the responses.

    For Silver Trucker : Tra

  • The basic package is useful for tracking what you 'have' done. you can't really change too much in the future but you can plan ahead.

    If you want all of the bells then you need to pay a little a month, I have a coaching account and can link basic users to mine and it costs about $9pm. This means you get all the bells and whistles, plan well into the future and then move stuff around, create a training library so you can drag and drop sessions, it also enables the comparison and historical data charts you can use to check improvements, it has a fully functioning food diary element and a daily metrics section if your coach wants to track certain things like sleep/water intake etc but thats also reliant on you using it properly.

    There is a code to use when signing up that IMTALK offers but not sure off the top of my head, check it out on 

    As for displaying workouts, it has all of the plugins for all devices and you upload your session to the workout of the day and its displayed in a GUI like google maps with all relevant info on the same page, you can then break that down into sections if you didn't use the lap button at the time.

    Its a little like garmin connect but for multiple types of data, I use mine to upload to my coach for computrainer, garmin, polar and swimsense. Not that I like gadgets AT ALL !!! image


  • Holgs - have you joined the PSOF group on Strava ?

  • Another vote for TP here. Paid for it for a few months. Now on free again.

  • Thanks Rosey for the detailed info.

    Nope Cougs but will do.

    Cat thanks.

  • I know you said online, but have you checked out Sporttracks an offline offering? Awesome. 

    I'd be tempted from what I've heard of TP (mainly on IM Talk) but I wouldnt get the best out of it. I just upload to runsaturday and occasionally Strava, more as a backup tbh.

  • Does TP allow customised fields? Gladys needs one image

  • Yeah I need a mincing field if I'm to stage a real challenge against Gladys next year, this years showdown the pub... well I was outclassed, I hadn't done the training, but now that my mentor says have a real chance at winning the mincing award, I've really got to go for it!


  • Gastank (PA to BaconLube CEO) wrote (see)

    Yeah I need a mincing field if I'm to stage a real challenge against Gladys next year, this years showdown the pub... well I was outclassed, I hadn't done the training, but now that my mentor says have a real chance at winning the mincing award, I've really got to go for it!


     Practice hard you must. Feel the mince.


    (feckin' upstart amateur!!) image

  • The big danger with all of these online tools is that you are giving away your data. Well if the online provider goes bust, or they aren't managing their IT infrastructure very well, they could lose all that data and you have no comeback whatsoever.

    That's one of the reasons I prefer to use SportTracks. It also has the possibility that people can develop a wide range of plug-in software to make sure that additional useful features can be had. You don't just accept what one company thinks you ought to have. It's very customisable and at around $30 to buy outright, is much cheaper than some of the online subscriptions. Plus, you get to keep your data (but then the burden is on you to look after it properly).


  • I use TP for all the people I coach - its great for all the reasons mentioned above.  Especially useful for keeping tabs on athletes training and planning.  Use to just log in a spreadsheet but this is some much better, especially as it is compatable with all other technology, such as garmin, srm etc

  • If you're looking for an online training site and aren't too fussed about power files or GPS uploads then is free and allows you to create routes and a training / route library as well as plan in advance for free.

    You can export your training too if you're worried about losing it or want to do more statistical analysis.

    I'm coached via training peaks butuse none of the charts and very occasionally upload files if I've taken my GPS with me (not often) and even sometimes when I have I don't bother.

  • Rosey, have you used WKO+?  Thinking about it for the coming year...

  • I used to use triblogs. a free simple online planner and good for recording actuals as well.

    Now does garmin uploads as well

    Im now using a spreadsheet (coach provided image ) but am looki.g at some other things if i get a powemeter. golden cheetah (free power meter app) and race day apollo...

    There is lots of choice

    I have heard some good things about TP. i lile the tss scores.....
  • just ordered a polar RCX5 will be starting a TP account when I get it

  • Engineer, I had a copy of it but had to rebuild PC and couldn't find activiation key so didn't bother again, haven't missed it, as Gary says above, you really need to use the data to get the most out of these things and most don't use enough of it, I am sure you could get more into the output but all I want to see is that I am relative to say a Cat3 rider power output or that its increased, I wouldn't have a clue about the different phases of the training cycle I am at or where my AT meets my CTL. I do use the charts a little more but I find getting out there and then feeding the results back to my coach gives me more time for a life. 

    See if you can get a trial version.

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