How Jealous Are YOU?



  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Vixx76, what you said about touching people as a professional reminds me of an incident in one of those 24 hours in A&E programs. A women had come in needing immediate medical attention and the drunken jealous oaf of a boyfriend kept, first demanding that staff 'help her' and in turn going ballistic every time one of the male doctors went near her.

  • I find a good chastity belt solves all the problems
  • Wilkie - yes, that is Samantha Brick of "I'm too beautiful" 'infamy'. She's probably worried her hubby might go for a burger instead of a steak sometime. I have seen much prettier women than her. Hell, I've been out with prettier than her.

    RicF - luckily I don't have to deal with drunk people image

    DtES - LOL image

  • I'd never check a partner's phone or email, because I think it would be all too easy to misconstrue something innocent, but mostly because it is none of my business! I would be livid if i found someone surreptitiously checking my texts or whatever, because they didn't trust me.  I'd rather they asked if they were insecure, and I could show them there's nothing to worry about.

  • I was clearing out my texts a few weeks ago and found one that looked very suspicious.  I was surprised as I didn't remember sending any of those sorts of texts to anyone.  Then I read it in context and the meaning became clear.  What was original seen as rather steamy was in actual fact very innocent when you read the context.

    To me the trust thing goes both ways.  I trust my man to behave himself.  In return I trust him by allowing him access to my phone and email because I know he won't look at it unless he asks permission first.

  • Me and my wife have the same e-mail account. I don't have a mobile and I couldn't check up on my wife's 'phone even if I wanted to as I have no idea how it works (although at a push I might be able to use it in a novel way and make a 'phone call).

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