Wheels for racing???????

Hi all,

I have a lovely Bianchi Ultegra Sempre bike and want to upgrade the wheels, the current wheels are shimano r500. I am looking for some wheels that will be decent for racing my budget is up to £500. I realise I might not get top quality etc for that but some decent wheels and suggestions for tyres, tubes etc  would be great.




  • Shimano DA 7900 C24 plus Schwalbe Ultremo XD tyres. Or Easton wheels if DA just that bit too far. Maybe a TAD more than £500 but nice. 60 quid gets you ceramic bearings. Yum.

  • Thanks Dustboy, had a look at these and reviews and they look great! Defo on the list. Cheers!

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    check out the various wheel reviews on bikeradar

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