10K runs in London Area

Hi All,

I started running about 8 weeks ago, and yesterday I completed my first 10K in 1hour 2mins.

I have now definately got the running bug and am very keen to reduce my time!

I was wondering if anyone knew of any good 10K's in the London/Berkshire area for beginners, and also any tips on how to improve my runs?

Currently I probably run about 16-18 miles/week with a mixture of outdoor running and treadmill running.

I'm also looking to lose weight, so any nutritional advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks in advance!



  • Hi Cat,

    Well done you! Was it the British 10K? I was there as well. I have only been running at events for less than a year now as well. Its very addictive isn't it.

    I would recommend the Park Runs which are 5 k and organised free of charge every Saturday morning in a large number of locations in your area. For 10ks, there are a load on the RW website under "events". I am thinking of doing this Sundays 10k on Clapham common myself.


  • Hi Keith,

    Thanks! Yes it was! How did you get on? It was a good race for my first one - I really enjoyed it!


    The Park Runs sounds good I'll have a look into them! Thanks image

    Good luck for Sunday!


  • I came in 59:23 which was a little outside my PB but bearing in mind the congestion and overtaking needed to get round was OK. I enjoyed the race, but wasnt overawed with the organisation.

     Clapham  is nice and falt as well.


    and Park Run info is at http://www.parkrun.org.uk/

    I regularly do the Black Park one. They time you as well, and its free! (Except the parking)



  • Thanks for that Keith! I actually live in Slough so the Black Park race would be very handy!

    I could well be tempeted by Clapham too!

    Thanks Keith

  • Click on the events tab and select a 10k close to you.


    If you are looking at Berkshire there is a 10k in Windsor park next Saturday.

  • Hi Cat,

    Wnd keep up the hard work.  I have been running for just over and think that the 10K races are the ideal distance.  The most enjoyable 10K which I would highly recommend is Bushy Park over near Hampton Court.  If you look up Capital Runners on Google you will find the website that organises the race.  There was one in Feb, April and June (not sure if there will be anymore this year).  The surroundings are beautiful, not too many people running and well organised.  Although big events are atmospheric they are not always as well organised I have found.  See if you can build up to a half marathon too, hard work but enjoyable.  Croydon and Milton Keynes were great runs and not too difficult.

    Best of luck, Richard

  • Hi Cat,

    Well done on your first 10km, that's a great time! As Keith says, parkrun is brilliant - definitely check that out for 5km races.

    I've been looking around for some London 10kms too - I'm chasing a PB this summer! I found these three races: Clapham 10km this Sunday (15th), the Regent's Park 10km on August 5th and the Ealing Eagles 10km on September 9th (in Gunnersbury Park, near Ealing) ... AND you can probably enter all three for less than the price of the British 10k! image

    Good luck with your next race image

  • Curly45Curly45 ✭✭✭

    Dont forget the Battersea Park series - variable lengths but flat as a pancake, turn up and enter on the day. The next 10k is August 4th.

    If you are in Slough check out the Queen Mother Reservior Series at 7:30pm on Tuesdays - next one is next week!

    You've missed it this year but another good one is Staines 10k.

    There are also 10ks in Richmond park (but its not flat!), never done one myself though.

  • Try and find a copy of the Southern Running Guide, it's free and it gives a much more comprehensive list than the one on this site as only the ones that use the RW online entry are included.  I got my copy from SweatShop.

  • Curly45Curly45 ✭✭✭

    I just picked one up in Sweatshop Woking on the weekend actually image

  • As another Slough resident, I too thoroughly recommend the Black Park parkrun for a weekly 5k. See you there!

    I've done parkrun at Gunnersbury Park a few times, so the upcoming 10k there should be a good one too. I signed up for the Thames 10k which was meant to have been this evening at Beale Park near Reading. Sadly because of the weather it has been postponed til August so maybe check that out once they've confirmed the new date. http://www.joginthepark.co.uk/

  • Hi all,

    Thanks very much for your replies! Definately going to try and get a copy of the Southern running guide and get myself to signed up for another 10K asap! Thanks for all of your suggestions! Maybe I'll see you at a race sometime soon!image



  • Hi Cat

    as you live in Slough, this 10k would be very convenient for you http://www.southbucks10k.org.uk/

    Its organised by the same team that run Black Park parkrun, and is a friendly local race. Highly recommended! Maybe see you at the parkrun there sometime, although I'm usually one of the last ones to complete!

    Enjoy your running, cheers!

  • was the clapham 10k a good run out? I'm looking to do a few 10ks over march/april in the london area!

  • I enjoyed it. The Innovations sports series. It starts again on the 3rd March, I'm doing the 15 and my son is doing the 5k on that day, but there is a 10k as well. Innovation sports runs are really well organised.

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