Sherborne Sprint Triathlon July 2012


Im 'thinking' of signing up for the sprint triathlon which is in sherborne in July this year.

I think im up to it! abit late in life but willing to give it a whirl.


I dont know anyone who has done one of these so would be very gratfeful for any advice, information about this type of event. How does it start, is it a free for all or done at timed intervals, how does it work where you change events, is my bike going to be safe!


Any obvious rules that i may not be aware of (im always wearing a cycle helmet when cycling)

Sorry for all the questions!

Thanks in advance


  • It's a pool swim so this is usually a few people starting in each lane about ten secs apart.  When you enter you'll prob give a prediction for the 500m swim so they put you with people roughly same time.  If swimming isn't your strong point you'll be able to have a few secs rest at the end of each lengthimage

    Sprint tri's are a great way to start - everyone welcomed and you do your own race with whatever bike/kit you've got.  Age no barrier everything from 18 or so to 60/70+.

    Bike kept in a secure transition where you will need your race number ot get it so will be very safe.

    You do need a helmet (put on before moving your bike and kept on until you put your bike back in transition) and the other main rule is no iPods, etc - for safety reasons.

    Overall, give it a go and have fun.  Regardless of how fast you do it I'm sure you'll enjoy it.  Anything else give a shout on here, I'm sure someone will answer.


  • Oxley pool is a nice place to swim. Its on the outskirts of Sherborne so is fairly easy to get to.
    Sherborne and the surrounding area isn't the flattest of places so its not going to be a flat course.

  • Have a read of this Andy and try and find some reviews of the tri which will give an idea of what to look out.

    The Unofficial PSOF Guide to Sprint Triathlons


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