What to wear in the wet

I was wondering what the best gear is to wear when running in the rain, I have tights, a lightweight sleeveless gilet,t and running shorts. All Karrimor. I guess you are going to get soaked whatever you wear though. What do you guys put on in the wet?


  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    Depends on the temp.Tights will be too hot for most people except in the depths of winter. If it's cold I'll wear hat and gloves, some people can get away with not. I can't.

    3/4 leggings or shorts of the lycra varity. They dry quick - well they don't really absorb the rain in the first place so they are dry quicker. I have wind resistant / water resistant tops which are good for most days. One is sposed to be for summer but it's far too warm to wear except in winter.

    You'll not often find yourself in a torrential downpoor and if it is that bad you can postpone your run for an hr when it should have eased off.

    Doesn't really matter too much in the summer as you'll not really get cold. Long runs in the wet in winter are a pain. Summer runs aren't too bad.

  • Cara HCara H ✭✭✭

    It depends on how hot you get. I coudn't run in more than a t-shirt in any weather. Actually when hillwalking in winter in -15C I am often still just in a t-shirt when others are in huge insulated jackets. I freeze when I stop (running or walking) but overheat when moving.

    In this warm rainy weather (tbh almost too warm to run, for me) I wear a short sleeved baselayer tshirt and nike running shorts. If it rains - good, I cool down more!

  • If it is rainy and cold then I'll wear my Montane jacket to keep the rain/wind out, it's really lightweight so I don't get overheated - I think they are brilliant, definitely one of the best pieces of kit I ever bought image

    But at the moment I'm just running in a t-shirt and capris - I do wear a cap to keep the water out of my eyes though!

  • - 15 in a t-shirt , are you sure!!image

  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    A rainproof/windproof gilet is good. Keeps your body dry and keeps you cool.
  • Tim R2-T2Tim R2-T2 ✭✭✭
    All year, all weather t-shirt and shorts. In winter a hilly flouro jacket. Not waterproof but windproof. Below 5'c I add a wooly hat and fleece gloves.

    Being wet is fine but stop and the wind will kill you.
  • Cara HCara H ✭✭✭
    dalli wrote (see)

    - 15 in a t-shirt , are you sure!!image

    Yup - air temperature and perceived temp are often wildly different especially if the sun is out. But even if not, when slogging uphill with a heavy pack, I overheat! Winter before last when it was very very cold I was running just in a t-shirt actually - very cold for the first km or so, then warmed up nicely image
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