Amsterdam Marathon 2012

Hey Folks

Hope you are all doing well.

I have just started my 16 week (1 week in) training plan for this year's Amsterdam Marathon and would be good to chat with some other people running this year in Amsterdam. My current marathon PB is 3 hours 17 minutes and I am aiming to break the magical 3 hour mark this time round!

Have you run previously or even been to Amsterdam recently? I am going to have a few days to see the city and party after!

Hopefully get some good chat on the go, I look forward to hearing some good running stories and get a small group of people all pushing each other on! That's the dream anyway! image



  • Hi hows it going ? PB 3 44 ( Edin last yr)  here prob looking for around that again ( 3 40 would be nice ......... ) Gen undertrained as usual into my 2 week taper now after 20 miles on Sun .

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