Have you ever been mugged or the victim of a physical assault



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    Stevie G . wrote (see)

    Martenkay...presumably you also look tough and not one to mess with, as 12.5 stone at 6ft 2 doesn't sound too stacked to me...image


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    When I was younger I went out with a group of lads to various pubs/clubs and experienced several assaults and dust ups. But never to me ever. Apparently by being only 1.65m tall and 58kg, if any yob wanted to show off to his mates by clobbering someone, if it was me they chose, they risked being made a laughing stock. The lads I was with weren,t so insignificant to avoid attention though.

  • calling in police at this situation would probably end a bad situation...........and would undo the years and years of work that have got us to the situation that noone outside is now ever attacked.................from a six year old that would attack anyone when anxiety levels rose......i have seen him attck headteacher,, support workers, charity childminding services,,,,,,elderely minister of the cloth and police men,,,,,,,,,,,when young..........so not like a normal child that knows when its sereious and time to stop............lots of work at home and a specialist school for 5 years has made such a major difference............

    when things are so much better then its only one more step to go in the learning process.....and that is on its way..........

    but its hard for anyone .................different stages ned sdifferent methods and diffrent specialist help........and each different problem needs a different answer....


    I think instinct works when being attacked...............for those who have been attacked.............it must be a different response if you are attacked by a gang or an individual........if they are drunk.............wouldyou react different if attacked by a drunk bloke..........a drunk woman..by a frail drunk pensioner or by a 6 year old child................never one answer fits allimage

  • Seren - you are awesome.

    There really are no other words I can say because I know nothing about what you have gone through, but it sounds as if you are coming out of the tunnel.

    Here's to hoping things continue to improve
  • I second that, Schmunkee.


  • I have been threatened with a gun and I say partially stabbed with a knife lol

    Propa gansta. Neither were really my fault. First time someone was looking for a mate of mine and was politely asking where he was. Second time, apparantly I looked like someone who stole some money from his house. Later police found petrol bombs made out of crisp packets and the knife he had a go at me with, he cut serrated edges out of it himself. He was later sectioned and I recieved a letter of apology image Which was nice lol. What annoyed me most is that he spat on my wife so I did go a bit ape s""t on him image

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    Assaulted a few times, but mugged just once, in a not so good part of Central London.  Two guys, one visible knife, so I gave them the dummy wallet and departed quickly.  Worst thing was in the interview with the police:  When I told them where I came from (I was studying in London at the time) the male of the pair remarked that I should be used to it!  image

  • A dummy wallet?! You are a prepared victim!

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    Wetter is Better! wrote (see)

    A dummy wallet?! You are a prepared victim!

    I was prepared.  image  It's good advice for visitors to less highly regarded places.  Don't fight, give them what they want, and by the time they've found out it isn't what they want you hope to be long gone!

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    A colleague of mine was once mugged and on producing a £5 note his assailant looked at the offering with contempt saying 'a bloody fiver! is that it!' to which my colleague replied "well, I'm sorry if you feel I'm ripping you off in some way ,but that's all I've got on me. Mugger, 'it'll have to do, what a cheapskate'.

  • I have no idea how I'd react in this type of situation, but there was a case where a group of teenage lads pushed me off my bike. I chased them down the cycletrack screaming abuse at them and stole their football and wouldn't give it back until they apologised. they were about 15 or 16 I'd say, not small kids. I was so furious

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    Loon, that sounds risky, but sounds like you got away with it... you must have looked scary!


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    seren nos wrote (see)

    it must be a different response if you are attacked by a gang or an individual........if they are drunk.............wouldyou react different if attacked by a drunk bloke..........a drunk woman..by a frail drunk pensioner or by a 6 year old child................never one answer fits allimage

    This made me remmeber that infamous John Prescott incident, where someone chucked an egg at him, and he turned around without looking and punched them in the face.

    I'm certain he didn't even check if it was a woman or a kid...he just snapped and smashed the person.

    Fortunately it was an ugly oaf of a bloke...and the whole incident was quite easily seen out and he got away with it.

    Imagine if he'd hit a woman tho....image

  • Cycling home from college two guys pushed me into a hedge and nicked my bike, had to walk 3 miles home bleeding from various cuts on my head/neck/back/arm. Reported it to the police etc but nothing ever came of it.

    Worst part was the walk home everyone I passed could tell what had happened (still had helmet on) yet nobody asked if I was OK and a couple of scumbags with there children actually hurled abuse at me.


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    Eco...what could they possibly have to abuse you about?! That's amazing!

  • Pointing and laughing along the lines of 'Haha you've been mugged, best get home before it happens again'

    Given I was 17 at the time and a slim built female it was all a bit much to be honest.

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    i don't think that'd be easy for anyone...unfortunately people like that only respect the fear of a battering.

    Which I'm sure they'll have got since then if that's their standard behaviour.

  • OK. Twice.

    First, I want you to forgive me for the fashions of the time. It was 1984, and I was wearing ski pants, tight and shiny but very stretchy (this is relevant). image On my feet I had ankle boots with straps and buckles, and three-inch stiletto heels tipped with metal, sharpened with wear on the streets of London. One evening, everso slightly pickled, I strutted my way from the pub to the station. And I was set upon by a couple of opportunist youths who grabbed my bag. When I grabbed it back, they grabbed me. Well, that was a bit daft because I was young and silly, I was riled, I was everso slightly pickled, and I was a very active member of my karate club (1st kyu at the time). Two of them ran off, probably scared by the invective that shot out of my everso proper home counties mouth, leaving the last one - who was a bit surprised by the  pointy heel that shot up and sliced his neck for a couple of inches below his ear. He ran off, and had he been a dog he would have been whimpering with his tail between his legs.


    Second time, I was a lot older, sober, and followed into the ladies' loo at Marylebone by a stoner who pushed me into a cubicle and started grabbing things he shouldn't have. I told him in resonant, clipped tones to BUGGER OFF! And he did. About ten minutes later I was a quivering wreck in the manager's office, and have nothing but praise for the staff at the station and police who followed it up.



    That was carthartic.

  • I spent a year in a relationship that became violent after the birth of our daughter.

     It still amazes me that a woman who is strong, confident, and intelligent can be so manipulated by a man. He used to punch me in the back and then claim it was merely a gentle push, or he would slap me in the face and then lie down on the floor in floods of tears, begging forgiveness.

    Such a complicated problem, I thought I loved him but now I think it was more pity, guilt, fear, shame, etc etc.

    We are free of him now and life has never been better.

    In fact, sometimes when I am struggling on a run, I think of him and feel so proud of myself for all I have achieved that I find a new strength. Sometimes I think of the names he used to call me ("Tubby" was a favourite,) and I smile - I lost the weight, but he is still a man who has hit a woman. The shame is all his.

  •  It still amazes me that a woman who is strong, confident, and intelligent can be so manipulated by a man.

    SO true, Springle!  But it absolutely DOES happen!  It's incredibly sad!

  • In my profession I get assaulted regularly by abusive & vile passengers. I've lost count of the times I've been smacked, whacked, clobbered, whopped, proded, poked...because they refuse to understanbd its not the drivers f ault the passenger is being held up because we're stuck in traffic or some other thing out of our control!

    Then all the others who clop us one because we refuse to allow a 20 year old able-bodied female on trying to get on with a pass for am elderly male Jamiaican with a disability! When we pount out the card/pass has obviousl been stolen from the said male Jamiacan (or whoever the person is), we get glassed & head-butted & all kinds of thungs!

    We get all kinds of abuse ... which is increasing ...

  • I really have little idea how the law operates. However our local newspaper publishes many of the cases that come to the local courts. I am constantly astonished at the muggings and assaults (even on police officers!) in which the assailants are "admonished" after pleading guilty.

  • TheVicar wrote (see)

    ....Later police found petrol bombs made out of crisp packets ...

    WTF?! How does that work then?

  • Thankfully never been the victim of a serious assault - been knocked out briefly (was so pissed I could hardly remember it the next day let alone now), hit in the face with a glass (didn't smash - one of the lads we were out with was a right mouthy so and so and the glass was aimed at him), jumped by a couple of Millwall fans (a few punches exchanged and they stood off - luckily fairly even numbers) and plenty of other handbags incidents when I was younger - the same as most people I expect - but luckily never woken up the next day with more than a sore jaw when I got knocked out or a bump on the head from the glass.   

  • Sorry for any spelling mistakes in any posts I make, sill having trouble with the internet...

  • Wow you should try to live in St Helens, my teens and early Friday night out experiences were like the wild west

  • I was mugged in Leeds city centre after a night out by five yoofs. They nicked my phone, wallet and gave me facial swelling, concusion and tinnitus in return. Quite possibly one of the low points of my life. It also meant I couldn't do the Abbey dash on the Sunday as I was too wobbly on my feet. The first and only time that I have missed a race I had signed up for.

    One of them went to prison for six months but when he was released he went on to mug Leeds Uni students. That is criminal justice. It is a shame as I now feel more wary around people when I am out at night..... 


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