Confused of Gloucester

Hi Everybody

I have a newbie question, I’ve been looking at New Balance M860’s

But when I found them on the “Sweatshop” website there were 3 different codes with them. 

New Balance M860SB2 Men's Running Shoes (SS12)

New Balance Men's MR860RS

New Balance Men’s MR860VB


Could someone with more nous than me please explain what the different codes mean.


Cheers in advance


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  • Likely just different colours. But why not phone and ask them...

  • Hi RWD

    I was just about to post that I think i'd worked it out and that it must just be the different colours.

    Thanks for the reply.


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  • Cor I'm just full of questions image

    What does SS12 mean, please?

    Sorry if these are stupid questions, but being a couch spud for years and trying to get off my rump I'm full of questions image

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  • Arrrrrhhhhhhh!!!!

    SS12 = Spring Summer 2012


  • Hi there, 


    860=Last 2 digits are range 60=stability, first digits = how high up the range so 860 is a higher model than a 560

    RS2/SB2 etc= Colour codes, RS2 is the red and silver version for example

    and yes, SS12= Spring/Summer 2012

    In the NB range 00 is minimalist/barefoot, 40 is motion control (high stability), 60 is stability, 70 is lightweight stability, 80 is cushioned, 90 is racing series.


    I hope this helps! 

  • HI Steve

    Thanks for the info that's great, the better informed I get the less "Mess-Ups" I should make thus saving myself money. image


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  • Hi Andy,

    Are you from Gloucester? I would really recommend popping into Gloucester Sports on Worcester Street or Up and Running on Lower High Street in Cheltenham and getting a gait analysis before buying your shoes.

    Both are really knowledgeable and also really nice - if you time it right in Gloucester Sports you get a brew as well image can't be bad!

     I started running a little over a year ago and after some bad advice/analysis from a 'chain' sports store I ended up with the wrong shoes for me and ran a half marathon with next to no support - after a lot of aches and pains I went into Gloucester Sports and they sorted me out with shoes that sorted all my niggles and at a good price too!

    They will normally exchange them if they aren't suitable...within reason obviously image

    Good Luck on the shoe hunt!


  • Hi Carley

    We are inbetween the two.

    SWMBO got her gait analysed @ Up and Running and we got her runners from them.

    I've also had mine done, but picked up my UK Gears from the interweb at a good price.

    So far so good as they say, I'm just getting some miles into my aging legs image and building the fitness before I start on the C25K.

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