Lausanne Half Marathon

I am venturing out to Switzerland at the end of October to run the Lausanne Half Marathon. Considering my perception of that country is one of snow capped mountains, can anyone who has run this event before advise as to the topology of the course.

Regards Wrinty


  • Don't worry, you wont be running in the mountains. The route is all alongside Lake Geneva. It's fairly flat, no real hills that I remember - you drop down into several small villages along the lakeside.
    There's quite a big field (and you'll be running with the slower marathon runners too) and the crowd support is good too.
    I really like this venue - ran my only marathon here and done the half twice (including my PB).
  • Thanks Brian, Are you running it this year?
  • I'm doing the Amsterdam half the week before but I will be back in the future
  • I did the Amsterdam half in 2001 and got my seasons best there on the nice flat, fast course. Hope you have a good one.
  • Swiss Bobby will probably be along any minute now to tell you more....
  • here i am rc

    my local event

    lake side run. from Vevey to lausanne really beautiful looking across lake geneva to the french alps.

    email me if you are coming

  • very few hills more bumps than hills but all that is relative. where are you in the uk and i can advise you better.
  • Hi there SB. My entry has been accepted online and my flights booked so I am ready and raring to go.

    I have got a number of events to get through by way of warm ups: Bristol Half, Great South Run and Swansea 10K. Hopefully my legs will be in good shape to take on a few Swiss bumps:-)
  • I have been running in Lausanne for the last six years now. This really is a most beautiful part of the world. The races are very well organised, the course can best be descibed as gently undulating. The views of the Alps in the Autumn sunshine as you run alongside Lake Geneva are stunning. If you have any spare time take a trip along the lake to Montreux or up into the mountains to Gruyere, you won't be disappointed.
  • SB & Hermit are you doing the event this year then?
  • I am indeed running the event, and I will be running the half rather than the full.
  • I will be in Lausanne again this year, but I will only be able to run the Quarter Marathon distance this time round.
  • I have downloaded a map from the Lausanne race website and am reassured that between the start and mile thirteen there is only a total of about 15 metres of ascent. However there appears to be a sting in the tail with 35 metres of ascent in the final kilometre!!!
  • no you do not go up that hill, that hill is run down my the marathonrunners from their start on to the lake side.
  • Should be a doddle then:-) I have got half marathons in Bristol and Cricklade to get through before I make the trip to Lausanne.
  • I managed a good half marathon at the weekend in Bristol, beating both Steve Cram and Steve Jones. So things are looking pretty good for Lausanne.
  • Hermit and SB, I will be flying out to Geneva on Wednesday 22nd October and staying at Ondallaz which is near Vevey. Do you fancy meeting up for an easy training run (about 7/8 miles) on the Thursday?
  • Soory Wrinty, not arriving in Lausanne until Friday. Hope you have a good run, I am only running the 1/4 marathon this year, but I will be at the finish to cheer everyone home.
  • Hi there

    Thought we should try to get together sometime before during or after the race,

    Email me and I will try to co-ordinate something, could be a fondue at my place.

    See you soon

  • Well I have made it to Switzerland, met up with Swiss Bobby for a run and am now currently sat in a chalet halfway up a mountain waiting for tomorrows race.
  • Good luck to you, it sounds lovely.
  • That was a pretty sharp race, though not surprising as it was hosting the Swiss Half Marathon championships.

    I started a bit too quick and enroute set a seasons best for 10 miles (16K - 64:16), but the wheels had started to come off and my sub 4:00/K strategy had gone off track. Still I managed to finish in 1:25:23, my second fastest time year (and third fastest all time).

    My 176th position also made me the first Brit home according to the results.

    SB & Hermit - how did you get on?
  • made it home in 754 th 1:40:30.6

    Great effort Wrinty
  • Well done Wrinty and Swiss Bobby, I ran the Quarter Marathon, finished in 49:40. Not my best run by a long way, but I thoroughly enjoyed the event. Will be back again next year for sure
  • I hve had the results booklet come through today and gives a URL for the photgraphers website, unfortunatley they only got half of me. May be your phot will look a lot better.

    Regards Darren
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