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I'm an injury prone 26 year old lad with a tendency toward the too much too soon.  My current injury is pfps which according to my physio is due to overuse and impact rather than any muscle problems.

I've heard alot about people who have reduced injury through a sensible training program and switching to mid foot striking.


However I'm told most running shoes aren't suitable for this.  I currently have Nike Lunar Eclipse.

Can anyone recommend shoe for mid foot striking for a mild overpornator?






  • Personally i dont think the two things you talk about (foot strike and shoes) are the key issues. Neither of those or even both together will necessarily solve any issues you have. You cant really look at the foot strike in isolation and nor can you force a change in the way you run by just changing shoes. They key is to look more broadly at how you run. Things like posture and bending your knees ought to help your impact forces and encourage a midfoot landing without forcing it. I dont think you must change shoes to do that. I think you are better playing about with these changes and then see what you need from a shoe after that.

  • Matthew have a look at the chi running site. If you really want to go down the line of changing your running form there are explanations on there about how to go about it. Everyone is different but for me that saved my running life. Re: shoes, most of the not quite minimalist shoes would be a good basis for helping keep off your heels. Go to a proper running shop and ask their advice.

    Beare in mind that your too much too soon tendancy will have to be patient! Changing your form does take patience and it does take time - otherwise you risk even further injuries. Good luck with it!

  • matt - I made the transition fairly quickly (two months) and painlessly by switching to Newtons. The Sir Isaac is a sort of transition shoe if I remember which 'encourages' you to mid/fore foot strike. Initially I did the odd little run in the Newtons, building up frequency and distance. Killed my calf muscles!!

    Now, 1 injury free year later, I run in Inov8 f-lite - love 'um!

    But every one is different and Helterskelter's advice of going to a decent running shop and get some advice is the best way forward. Good luck

  • Look at the Brooks Pure Flows. Good transition shoes. I know others who like the Sir Isaac Newtons, but they just feel a bit too interventional for me. also download a mentronome app onto your phone and run with it at 180bpm. If you land on the beat, you will have to dramatical shorten your stride, which will in turn throw you onto your mid/fore-foot.... That helped me transition

  • I like the newtons and the brooks pure range image
  • I used to run with a definite heel strike when I first started out.  I researched chi running and over the course of a few months I now find that I naturally run with a mid-foot landing (I had my gait analysed at sweatshop last week).  I also slightly over pronate and they recommended Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12s.  I'm breaking them in slowly (I used to wear cushioned shoes so the transition to support shoes is taking a few weeks) but it feels much more natural.

    As above, I'd definitely recommend getting your gait analysed and having a look at chi running - but don't drastically change the way you run if it doesn't feel right as you could do more harm than good.

  • Have a look at Saucony Progrid Guide 5 - they're supposedly designed to help you land midfoot.

    I use a pair in conjunction with some Brooks Pure cadence and really like them both.
  • You can do midfoot striking in any shoes. If you are transitioning from heel striking though it is easier in shoes with a lower drop heel - 4mm and below, as sometimes the built up heel on other running shoes gets in the way of the midfoot touching the floor first. Newton make a specific transition shoe - the Issac - for people looking to change from heel striking to midfoot striking, you might want to look at that.

  • Saucony Guide 5 if you need some assistance, Triumph 9 if your a neutral runner. Both have an 8mm drop and come in at less than ??80 if you shop around.
  • the sketchers goruns pretty much force you to run midfoot, dont be put off by the brand, it is a very serious running shoe designed by the man behind nike free, very lightweight and fast shoe.

  • Matthew Lourie 2 wrote (see)

    Can anyone recommend shoe for mid foot striking for a mild overpornator?

    I'd suggest the Newton Sir Isaac S which you can find details about Here 

    or perhaps you just require a more cushioned shoe

  • A vote for brooks pure range. Have read good reviews for sketchers too
  • @Bartholomew which metronome app are you using?
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