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    KK, WIlkie - you guys must have a different kind of father to me... 

    Not because there is a need for a yes or no  - but some folks expect to be asked or told in private out of courtesy.  Everyone involved knows it's a formality but some fathers or mothers would be mightily p*ssed off not to be included. 

    I do find that strange - you say you lived in another country, is your father not British?  If so, maybe it's a cultural thing?

    If my dad was not happy about not being asked, he hid it completely (twice).   I don't think it even occurred to my fiances that they should ask/tell my father first - and the first of these was a very long time ago - nearly thirty years ago.


  • Asking permission has never been a problem both times I've been engaged as it was spur of the moment.
    Letting my parents meet my fiances before getting engaged might have been wise though image

  • Sansom - I think it sounds like a good idea. It's the kind of proposal I'd like (and only you can judge whether your girlfriend would like it). I hoped my boyfriend might propose when we were on top of Kilimanjaro - he didn't, but he did ask me while we were balanced on a rock bridge 500m up in Wadi Rum! It was spectacular.

    Re: the ring - some women might like the option of choosing the ring and to save on the anxiety of picking the right ring yourself and carrying it around a marathon - why not buy a cheap lookalike engagement ring (from Accessorize say) so you have something to propose with and then you can choose the real one together.

  • Wilkie wrote (see)

    (And asking her father? Really, no.)

    My first husband didn't ask my father's permission.

    I asked my Dad to give me away though - and he said no!

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    We usually have champagne available at mile 17 so you could get her to join the support groups there, we'll be on the fizz anyway and could open a fresh bottle when you arrive.
  • LOL I was living in England, my dad was in Scotland.  But it still may well be a cultural thing. It was 20 years ago.

  • i am in the BIG FAT NO crew.

    terrible idea. i ran london this year and by the "big day" i was wrecked and tired and totally overexcited, couldnt wait to get to the start line. got my head down and did my thing for the run. then forgot my name after the finish line and just wanted chips, a hot bath and my bed. i certainly didnt want a marriage proposol. i wouldve totally not appreciated what was being asked of me!!! i was lucky i had three supporters after the race to get me back to my hotel.

    why dont you book a sexy spa hotel for the next weekend and propose in private, with champagne, in your hotel room. or something.

  • Sansom, ignore the doubters and go for it.

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