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I've always been a keen runner, but in recent years have slacked off. I decided it was time to take it back up and chose to get my feet measured and assessed. As I realised, due to my flat feet, I was a moderate to heavy overpronator and I was recommended the Mizno Alchemy 11 and Asics Kayano 18.

Does anyone here have any thoughts on these shoes? I also found the Alchemy 12. Are these better than the 11's? I would love any feedback on these shoes, and any suggestions for other makes.

I'm 76kg, planning on covering 15 miles a week, hoping to slowly take it up to 25 in few months.

Thanks in advance!


  • Kayano are very comfortable, soft and ;ook good but I dont think they are suited to moderate/severe over pronation I understood they are for neutral / mild over pronation. The Gel Evolution I think is best suited to severe overpronation however I am no expert, the people in the shop have seen your feet and are better qualified than me to offer advice.

    My experience however...

    I have been wearing the Kayano 17 for 2 years and I am going to change very shortly, had loads of foot problems recently that may or may not be related to the shoes. 

    Dont know anything about the Alchemy


  • From asics website "The GEL-KAYANO 18 continues to live up to its reputation as the leading structured cushioning shoe on the market. The shoe's blend of cushioning and support is perfect for mild to moderate overpronators."

    Basically when the numbers go up for a shoe it just means that the 12 are the updated version of the same shoe. usually the company just tinker with it a bit, though sometimes they do a bit more. As when anything changes, most people hardly notice a difference, but sometimes the new suits some people better, and sometimes they don't like it. The good news is, if the 12 is out, you can probably pick the 11's up on sale.

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