Advice for problem knees

Anyone out there got knee problems like this?  A couple of months ago both knees got quite stiff and sore all over.  No specific location for the pain at that time, and don't know what triggered it off.  The condition has eased off quite a lot, but am still feeling pain above the knees, to the insides and behind.  It does not feel like bone pain but some kind of soft tissue problem, and it eases off while exercising.  Does anyone know what this is, and what to do about it?


  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    See a sports physio.

    Normally those things are separate issues but it sounds like there is a tightness somewhere higher up. So it could be anything from your neck down. You may need to have your posture looked at.

    It maybe that you are running in the wrong shoes. Running shoes are all very well but if you are wearing the wrong shoes your feet may be fine but it'll knacker your knees. Gait analysis is all very well but it only addresses issuse at foot level when the real problem could be else where. It's always better to try and address gait issues through exercise and strengthening rather than trusting to footwear. It goes the other way as well. Always best to get professional advice.


  • Thanks for that.  I do need new shoes so maybe that's not helping.  Perhaps I should have my gait looked at again too, and see if there is anything different happening.  Wish me luck!

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