Asics GNR Comp!

So I have just wasted the last hour of my life trying to submit an entry before the 9pm deadline.  However, everytime I tried to submit the application I was presented with a problem.  Firstly there was no facility to upload a picture on my ipad, so i logged onto my laptop.  Secondly, everytime I tried to select a photo they were deemed too big despite lots of cropping and resizing, wasting further time.  Finally I had a suitable photo and completed the form, where is the submit button I ask?  There isn't one!  I then have to 'sign in' using my runners world log in and I'm brought back to the competition page, and, lo and behold, all of my details have been lost!  It is now 9.01pm.  I forlornly complete the form (again!!) and press submit only to be told I am too late to enter.  Yes, runners world I am too late to enter thanks to your terrible website functionality.  I'm not a happy bunny.  I only noticed this competition as a result of the email you sent to me this evening.


Moderators, somebody, anybody, please feed this back to the relevant people and make it better so you don't needlessly upset your site users. 


Thank you


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