Best shoes for Junior long distance running on track.

Hello guys,

My daughter needs some new trainers, she runs mid-long distance on track. Can anyone reccomend a good pair or brand and also any shops that sell them. We went to about siz sports shops today and none had specific running shoes for juniors.

Many thanks



  • You after regular trainers or spikes? If trainers, Sports Direct are pretty good at having kids sizes if you have some ability to choose by yourself, as they don't have clever assistants, stride analysis or so on.

  • Her coach said spikes, didn't think of sports direct. thanks 


  • I see, spikes are good but I've never seen more than the odd pair in sports direct. Sorry!

  • Specialist running shops are best for spikes. Get her to try a few pairs on, as they feel quite different. Also consider whether she'll do cross-country in the winter. Cross-country specific spikes often have plastic/rubber lugs as well as the spikes, and also better protection around the spike plate, which are good for cross-country but feel horrible when running on the track. I always had two pairs - my track spikes have so far lasted me about 10 years (see picture, taken in 2005 and shoes still going strong and just as clean!) as I only ever wear them on the track, but cross-country spikes for me need replacing every 2-3 years because spikes get stuck or broken or they become so stiff from constantly getting wet and then dry that however much you care for them they become uncomfortable. Hope that helps!

  • MD/LD track spikes will be just fine for X/C if you put longer pins in them, but as DiS says, X/C spikes are horrible on the track. After all, if you're running in an absolute mudbath, a few extra plastic lugs aren't going to improve the situation!
    Definitely try pairs on though as sizes and fits vary a fair bit. 

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