Advice on Achilles/ankle pain

Hi guys, Wonded if anyone can help me? I'm struggling with pain in my achilles, I've just had some time off running but as I started back it's still there, can't say there has been any improvement at all. Basically i'm getting a pain in my achilles, which is extremely tight when I stretch it out but i'm also getting a lot ankle pain, it feels like it is twinging and weak and all my achilles feels knotted. Both are very sore to touch. I've been out running after the time off but still feel it twinging? I hear heel pads or orthotics could be beneficial? What could this be and how do I treat it? Because it's beginning to get me down as I'm wanting to get back into training for the half marathon. Any advice would be great. Thanks


  • Been there and got the tee shirt.  Not run more than 5 miles since London Marathon 2005.  Tried lots of Physio,- 2 years ago I had a Consultant look at it.  I was told I had torn tendons off heel - they cannot re-attach without growing bone. I now have a large bone growth which is seriously sore.   Xrays and scans, + steroid injuectons - no improvements  - achilles feels as if it needs stretching 24/7 - no stretching works

    I started using muscle rubs 6 months ago (theory being to improve blood flow to injured area).  During the day I use the rub and wrap the heel in cling film!!!!. At night, just the rub to allow the foot to breath.  RESULT 

     Tendon is no longer tight, I am running 5-6 miles (although after it still needs serious icing. Cannot run on consecutive days but aleast I am running.  Sounds daft but it worked for me.  Poundland has cheap muscle rubs that seen to work.

    Seeing a pediatrist this week for gait analysis with a view to custom orthotics. -  I will keep you posted.

    Wish you luck,, but you may need to revise your training for long miles


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