Achilles tendonitis (maybe)

Hi everyone,

I have been having some trouble with my achilles tendon and wanted to know if anyone else has had a similar experience. Usually I would rely on internet research, but the information is rather unclear for this one!

I have been been doing a mixed training programme of cardio (mainly running) and weights for a race this weekend. I train for an hour or more most days of the week and have had a relatively 'injury free' year at this level of intensity.

My training partner and I decided to mix it up a bit about two weeks ago and went walking for a weekend. After about 7h fast paced walking, I started to get pain about an inch and a half up the back of my achilles. At the time, I thought it was simply because my boots were too tight. That evening, I noticed a swollen lump in the same position. Having travelled to Snowdonia, I wasnt going to let something like an ill fitting boot (or so I thought) stop me doing a similar full day of walking the next day and I switched to my running trainers thinking this would solve the problem.

After that, the pain was worse, and i noticed that as i flexed my foot up and down, there was an almost audible creaking/cracking noise (and feeling) coming from my tendon. Anyone touching the area can feel that it's not moving properly.

I took a week off and lots of ibuprofen, but the creaking feeling is still here almost two weeks later.

Has anyone else had a similar experience? If so, what do you think has happened and how long might it take to heal?




  • Can't offer a lot of help but I do know the blood supply to the AT is minimal so it can take a very long time to heel. 

    Complete layman's guess but a lump on the achillies is definite swelling, maybe a partial rupture?

    I'd ice it a lot and get to a sports physio.

  • Hi BirdE

    Did you get this resolved? 

    I've had creaking for about 3 weeks - gets worse throughout the day and can't seem to shift it!





  • Birde,

    I have also experienced this 'creaking' in the past. Its a horrible, bizarre feeling. Ibuprofen and rest sorted me out. As Rob says it can take a while to heal. Be patient and rest as much as you can.

  • Hi Gingermagic

    Did your creaking get worse throughout the day (mines minimal first thing)? and did you have complete rest or xtrain?

    Thank you!



  • Hi Becky,

    Yes it did, as most of my day is spent on my feet! I tried to cycle but still felt the creaking and slight pain. I did nothing for a fortnight and took it easy after. I now have a whole new set of niggles! Just take it easy and try to be patient. 

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