Newport marathon

Has anyone done the Newport marathon before is it on road or trail thinking of doing it any feedback.cheers.


  • It was the first one last year, wasn't it?  It was only 23 miles long...

  • Not sure this one is in October my mate says.think 26.2
  • That's the one.  They farked up the measurements last year (the HM was 18M for some, I understand).


    The timings show clear problems:

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    there was also a lot of criticism of the event with lack of marshals (some people went the wrong way) and various other problems

    they need to put a better event on this year if they want it to succeed

  • Thanks may do cheddar marathon then ..
  • It was half road, half trail, very disorganised from start to finish. I was told it was flat, half of it rose up on very muddy tracks along the canal side to the visitor centre and back. I don't think many of those who did it last year would revisit.


  • Is the Newport marathon still on any news thanks.
  • Any idea if they are doing chip timing / getting official measurement for course. Would definitely consider it then.

  • Ah - just checked website to try and find out for myself... and it says EVENT CANCELLED. Shame. Would have really liked another close half marathon event.

  • Justed had email saying diabetes Wales taking over the event and Joe cuff will be writing to us with more news
  • Just found article from last Friday which confirms Diabetes UK taking over the event. Hopefully more info soon then.

  • Any more news about marathon hope still on.
  • I did the race on the weekend, although some people said it had improved, i cannot imagine how it could have been worse.  12 runners in the Full marathon.

    The full marathon was 2 x the half marathon course with an extra 3.1 km looped onto the end. Not sure why? 

    Nothing at the turnaround points other than a marshal sat in a car saying, "turn here" No mile markers or halfway point and lots of turns with no signage. 

    I appreciate the work of the volunteers who were happy to be there and the organisation and work needed to run a race like this but so many simple things could have been done to make it a good event. I'm not worried about numbers of people or medals etc, but at least an acknowledgement of finishing or running the correct distance would have made the effort worthwhile.

    I'd do it again if it was an accurate course as its a good training run but for the same price as a city marathon, it was not a great value event.  Did anyone else run it?

  • Hi HD. Yes I ran it liked the course but could not understand why we had to go right after the bridge when the half turned left.good training run . Can't find any times on web site .....
  • Where did you finish?
  • Finished where we started behind the couple who ran together . My. Watch said 28 miles but enjoyed the run
  • looks like you ran the 2 miles that it was short from last year

  • Yep, I got 28 miles, was a respectable time if i take those extra 2 off.

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