Leeds Abbey Dash

What is usually in the finishers pack? Medal? T-shirt?


  • Nowt?
  • Sticky88Sticky88 ✭✭✭

    T-shirt, but no medals. They stopped doing medals for a few years now. All made up by a great atmosphere though!

  • Awww I love a medal. Still think I'll pop down from Newcastle for it. Heard great thinks about it.
  • It's a very fast out and back course to Kirkstall Abbey.

    Defintely one for nailing a PB.

  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭

    Hi Blef.  This is a charity event for 'Help The Aged' so it is quite expensive and no freebies bar the t-shirt.  The last time I did it the t-shirt was sent out with the number, I would rather they handed them out afterwards so that we had something to help keep warm when we are standing on the town hall steps post-race! - it is November after all.

    As Gramck says it is a very fast out & back course, you get to see the sub 30 min guys coming back the other way!  Early start at 9:30 usually.

  • Cheers. Thanks for the advice
  • Hi Blef, Gramck and Wardi,

    There will be brand new Age UK Leeds Abbey Dash wickable technical t shirts for every finisher at the end of the race this year.

    It will be a 9.30 a.m. start and we're expecting to see some very fast times again.

    We're also hoping to have some exciting extra goodies on race day.

    Matt, Team Age UK

  • Sticky88Sticky88 ✭✭✭

    Hi Matt, that is great news about the T-shirt! Definitely more useful and will get worn more often! Looking forward to it. Any possibility of the medals coming back?

  • Hi Sticky88, we're finalising the goodies finishers will receive over the next week or so. Medals are definitely still in the conversation, as are (fingers crossed) one or two new goodies.

    Will you be running the Dash this year?

    Matt, Team Age UK 

  • Sticky88Sticky88 ✭✭✭

    Woohoo....That sounds very positive, Matt, about the goody bag content. I have 'dashed' a few times (and enjoyed every single one of them!), and only ever had one medal some years ago.

    Yes I'm running this year, wouldn't want to miss the great atmosphere! Very much looking forward to it.

  • Thanks Sticky88, that's great to hear. We're hoping to build on the atmosphere of the race with our radio partners (Radio Aire and Magic) and have some new ideas for entertainment around the course too.

    Thanks againg for supporting the Dash and we look forward to seeing you in November!

    Matt, Team Age UK

  • I agree with Sticky88 that a medal would be most acceptable.

    Goody bags are generally a waste of time as the stuff in them is hardly worth the effort ( except for one or two notable exceptions)

    In general a technical t-shirt and a medal are all that is required and I am prepared to accept the cost in order to provide these momentos.

  • Should have recovered from the Liverpool Marathon on 15th October to allow a couple of weeks running before this.

    See if i can beat last years time.

  • Count me in sounds fun I did Leeds 10k

    And thought the t shirt was great with a medal as well

    It makes you feel you have accomplished something special.
  • has anyone got a map of the course please?  I do not know the Leeds area and running this blind so was thinking of driivng round the course the week or so before to get some idea of layot etc? thanks M

  • Hi Margaret, it starts outside Leeds Town Hall, past Yorkshire Evening Post towards Kirstall Road, straight on until Kirstall Abbey, turn left and around where there is a gap in the central barrier, back towards Leeds Town hall

  • It is a great race except the city its in i love it. It's the only 10k I will pay 18pounds to run. I have ran the last 2 years and while the goody bag isn't great the Lucozade before and after, the t-shirt will be better this year than the cotton in past years. Really not arsed about a medal.

    Good race but its a race for PBs not scenery. 5.5miles of urban, 1/2 mile you see the abbey(but blink and you'll miss it) & 0.21miles of city centre. Super fast Steep short downhill to start but you get same but uphill to finish.
  • Dr.DanDr.Dan ✭✭✭

    Yep, a fast race (but not a scenic one). Missed it last year due to injury but hope to be in one piece this time.image

  • Does anyone know if the Abbey Dash has kilometre markers?

  • Dr.DanDr.Dan ✭✭✭
    andrew heaton 3 wrote (see)

    Does anyone know if the Abbey Dash has kilometre markers?

    Yes it does.

  • Hi Andrew, yes, there are km markers.

  • I'm considering running this after all the previous positive comments.  Am I correct in thinking this race starts and finishes in Leeds city centre?  If so and with not being familiar with the area, what car parking options are available?

  • Hi AndyH 1, yes Leeds City Centre, starts and finish outside the town hall.

    Parking http://en.parkopedia.co.uk/parking/leeds/

    Most of the council or open-air car parks are free as it's a sunday.

  • looking to do pre post massage free for runners - is this something event organisers are interested in www.ct7sportmassage.co.uk 

  • If anyone has a spare entry please let me know, cheers!

  • Hi Everyone,

    I need to purchase your entry if you can not do the abbey dash 2012 for any reosen.

    I can pay you by paypal as a gift so paypal won't take a cut.

    You will obviousley need to post your chip and number to me, so if you can please email me on a.j.leach@brad.ac.uk

    thinking of £25

    Thanks   Andrew

  • Hmmm.  Isn't that sort of thing frowned on Andrew? image

    I haven't done this race for a few years now, the exorbitant cost has put me off - good to hear that a technical T shirt is on offer now, I have a pile of old Abbey Dash T shirts at home that will never be worn.  Still a lot of dosh for a 10K though - if there was a grand panorama of gorgeous scenery I could half understand it ..... I suppose it IS a PB course though and that's what will drag a lot of runners to the start line.

  • Anyone received the chip/number yet?

  • Got mine on Friday. 

  • Mine arrived on saturday

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