Leeds Abbey Dash



  • Mine arrived Saturday but I have done nothing but injure myself since it arrived. Managed to pull/strain/tear both glutes in separate incidents and drop a fence post on my foot today. Not sure I will be able to run till Sundays race.
  • Some important advice for P.B seekers - with 8000 runners at this race, we are all supposed to stand in 'sub 35' or 'sub 40' etc sections at the start, but nobody ever takes notice of this rule unfortunately, so once the start gun goes, you can sometimes end up with 300 'sub 60' runners in front of you and therefore the p.b goes out of the window, as the first kilometre in this race (down to the roundabout) is incredibly crowded and time can be lost. So if you want a p.b, get down the front!

  • Kim Brown wrote (see)

    So if you want a p.b, get down the front!

    Isn't it this sort of mindset which causes the crowding in the first place?

  • Thanks Dr Dan and Sticky 88

  • Any spare places for sale? Thanks x
  • Good luck everyone dashing tomorrow! image

  • runningowl wrote (see)
    It is a great race except the city its in i love it. 

    Whats wrong with Leeds???  image

  • As a Saints fan living in Yorkshire, I'll give you an answer Elli - it's a shithole ;0)
  • Leeds tries to make out its cool and trendy but its a s###hole, I mean, let's be right....... It's not Sheffield. image
  • I don't think Leeds is too bad.... I live right at the edge of Leeds and it's quite rural. I like it here.


    GOOD LUCK EVERYONE TODAY! Enjoy the race, looks to be a nice morning!


  • Leeds is fine, all cities are s***holes if you only go near the centre (trust me I've worked in most cities within 150miles of Leeds and they're all the same). Leeds has some fantastic countryside very close by indeed and a lot of affluent suburbs, just like most cities.

  • Did anyone PB today then? I had a shocker, over a minute slower than last year after a recent chest infection. Still Sub 38 but wanted it to be sub 36....

  • Managed a PB of 53.08 bit slower than I hoped but I am 51 and only been running races since March this year, 45 mins next year if I work hard

  • 10k PB set on 21/11/10 and matched this June at Doncaster 10k

    After originally aiming for 37:15 when I entered in sept, and training going really well, the last 3weeks have been pretty crap training wise. First man flu got me, meaning I didn't run for 10days before 1day of two runs the 1st game of 5aside in 2yrs which meant an hamstring strain stopping me running for another full week.

    Midweek I wasn't even sure I would be able to run today.

    I ran 37:42. A new PB by 1min 14sec
  • Smashed it! Was hoping for a sub-50 PB... romped home in 45:55! Almost 7 minutes off my previous PB!

  • My time isn't as good as any of the above but it was my first 10k and first competitive run today.

    I managed 50 mins 08 seconds. Which is what I was aiming for roughly.  I was a bit narked with myself though as when I originally registered for the dash, I hadn't started running at all so I put my estimated time at 1h 30. So when I started today I was right at the back and for the first mile I couldn't move fast enough through the crowd so I reckon I lost at least a couple of minutes due to that.

    On the plus side, I did say to myself it would be a major bonus if I beat Leeds Rhinos and former Bradford Bulls rugby league Legend, Jamie Peacock and I did actually beat him by over a minute. Not bad for someone who only 5 months ago was a couch potato! 

    I've already registered for the Bradford 10k in a couple of weeks!!

    I really enjoyed it today and felt like I achieved something and I raised a few quid for charity too!!

  • My run was shit.

    Started off well but my dreaded injury took the lead and so hobbled the rest of it.

    And they only had XL tshirts left.

  • Aww gutted for ya. My knee started twingin at about 4 miles which slowed me down a bit but I still managed a sprint finish. Funniest thing was when I crossed the finish line and stopped, my legs wouldn't stop and tried to start pumping again LOL

  • Very happy to break 50 mins (49:51) and to beat my age (55) image 

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