Hill X (10k South Downs)

Looking at doing a great event on the South Downs called Hill X, a 10k with hills, water and mud. Its only £15 and looks like it could be challenging. Link below



Havent really done any events like this before, only road racing. Would it be best to do intervals to train for this type of event. Has anyone ever trained for an event like this before? I would be grateful for any training tips.


  • Hey Jade,

    Great stuff - i'm in!

    I'm no expert on this but I'm going to start adding small but steep hills into my training to help my breathing and power.

    Look forward to seeing you there!

  • I've often driven past this on the A272 and seeing the motorcross circuits up and down the slopes thought what would a race by like there. Somebody has had the same idea! Looks a mad event but us lot are all a bit touched! I'll have to see what else is on that weekend but definatly interested.

  • Any inside tips on terrain Tom?

  • The area is chalk and from the course map looks like it will mostly be along the edge of fields but with some mad chalk slopes. These will be slippery in the wet and loose in the dry. Grippiest trainners needed me thinks! Mud claws or similar.

  • I think I should say thanks...... may of helped me spend some of my cash though ; )   Assuming these are a good investment?  Do they shed mud quickly too?

  • Hey Jade

    I've started another link re training it may be worth having a read.

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