Possible 12 hour multi-lap Ultra

A friend and I are considering putting on a 12 hour Ultra in the Wakefield area and I was wondering whether this is something that would attract much interest? Will probably take place in mid-November.


  • Trail or road? How long will the laps be?

  • We're definitely short on Ultras up north so it sounds good in principle. - mid Novembers too close to one I'm doing on the 24th though.
  • It depends on the route. I'm at a loose end in November.
  • Sounds good to me ,as i haven't got any events planned after the ladybower 50 at the end of September

  • The hell on the Humber was very popular last year and i think it is already full for this year. That is a 12 hour event -4 miles loops

    I would definatly be interested depending on the date, first 2 weekends already booked up. However, November will be dark early so I personally would prefer road/ nice surface to off road which can be tricky and feel unsafe on your own in the dark
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