Thursday 12th July 2012

Morning from a sunny West of Scotlandimage

Todays lyrics:If there's one great day, if there's one great height

What:5M Fartlek

Why: Thursday usual session

Younger son back from Stornoway this evening, so noise levels will be back to normal later today.

Need to catch up so back later


  • Morning.

    Good news on the job front RFJ and likewise your progress Alehouse.

    Are you still studying OU this year postie?

    Sunshine or showers - enjoy Wabo image

    emzap - hope your hip is soon sorted.

    chickadeee - sounds as though you're better!

    It barely rained yesterday and it's dry this morning so I'm going to try to fit my long ride in. Am riding with swim coach again - hope we don't get a repeat of the weather last time we rode together - that started off nice too!

    What:            long bike
    Why:             taking advantage of the weather
    Last hard:      staying warm
    Last rest:       11/6

    Lyrics - yes.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭


    Yesterday's lyrics were by Cleopatra: the theme song to their TV series was known as "Comin At ya". Three sisters band of the 90s, the middle one being Cleo. I taught Yonah, the youngest which gave me lots of street cred with my sister and her friends! A TV show at 13, although she had left  us by then: she still came back regularly with her sisters to visit. Really nice kids, but they were not allowed to sing when they came to see us which was a shame: their contracts did not allow.

    Anyway, calf feels a little bruised this morning, so who knows what I will do this evening.

    We're all getting excited for you Wabo!

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Emzap Spain is my official summer residence

    10 miles trotted, legs still weary and mind tired but hey ho my mojo will return
  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭


    Ale hope the pain means good rather than bad!

    DD with all this summer "sun" we are getting here, I'm a little jealous of you!

    Wabo is it today?

    What: 440m swim image

    Why: I cba last night so dragged myself out of bed this morning

    OH back tonight and his parents flew in from SA this morning.  Got them staying tonight then they are all off tomorrow for the weekend leaving me alone again image

    Good news is, we may have a house in Germany!!!!!

    Have a good day all

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    morning all,
    RFJ - good news re the job, "working from home" would love that..
    ale - ah yes remember cleopatra, not sure i remember the tv series, but defo remember the songs...
    Postie - yeah actually the cost is probably a bigger stumbling block than the training re comrades. However as soon as we can start spending the girls inheritance...
    what- either club handicap run (~5m + w/u c/d) if I get home in time , otherwise 7m tempo
    why - did zip yesterday. Shattered when I got in, dinner was in the oven, and found a few magners on the cold shelf...missed the 1500m higher,faster, stronger on beeb2 as well , but will catch up on iplayer

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    emzap: great news about the house!

    ale: never heard of that band image. Fingers crossed you manage some run or other tonight without too much trouble.

    Dustin: a few magners seem the perfect excuse to opt out image

    RFJ wrote (see)

    Found the ground tonight... it hurts and draws blood from the hand and knee..... savlon also hurts when applied....

    300m into club run and over I went...., finside off with a nice 10.5m run in the wind rain, sun rainbows, mud and tears......

    not fussed as offered a new job today.... image which If I take will be being home 95% of the time in stead of 95% away...

    Ouch, RFJ! Never nice to hit the ground but fab news re. job offer. You will take it, I assume?

    what: 5 miles easy
    why: recovery
    last hard: don't do hard at the mo
    last rest: Monday
    lyrics: thought they were familiar but cheated and googled.

  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭

    Ohh RJF  good news about the job.  Well done image  Hope the hand and knee aren't too sore

  • Afternoon

    What 7
    Why Hills
    Lyrics no

    LMH Am still doing OU though switched courses. The new one starts in October and is a lower grade. This will still give me a 2:2 but without the headaches hopefully. This means i will qualify 6 months later than I had hoped and that I will be only half way through when training for London.

    Dustin I would also spend the kids inheritance on important stuff like comrades providing there was anything left for them to inherit after investing in their education. Maybe they can pay for me to go as a thank you!

    Gorgeous weather this morning and one of my fastest paced runs since my return to training.

  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭


    RFJ - Ouch. I sympathise havingdone the same hope all is ok, nothing broken. But good news on the job offer.

    Chick/Birkmyre i cheated too googled there amongst your favourites aren't they, if not your fav.

    Reminds me Scobos liked them too do you hear from him now. If you lurking. Hi *waves*

    What: 50 minutes (5.14 miles)
    Why: 50th day of streaking
    Last Hard: Getting up today feel great now though
    Lyrics Yes but with the help from google

    So today day 50 decided i was to do 50 minutes but it was which route the involved the least of road crossings . So i went out decided to run for 26 minutes out ended up doing 26:42 in attempt to run back quicker  but had to turnaround at a identifable roadmark. It was going to be a task to run back in 23:18. in the final mile  decided to give it some welly, pouring down with rain with a smile on my face which only other runners can understand i spotted 2 of them 5th mile 8:47

  • Heh, I remember Cleopatra, hence knowing the lyrics. 

    Congrats to RFJ on the job.

    Glad I finished uni before I started running, Postie, I'd have messed my Masters up. 

    Played football this evening as a ringer for my mate's 5-a-side league team. I enjoy football but hate playing indoors as it seems to breed niggly fouls and lots of rough-housing - safe to say this evening was no different - and I have bruises on both thighs to show for it. Ran to the sports centre and back, no damage ahead of HM, just relax now.

  • Evening

    RFJ: Congrats on the jobimage

    Pammie: Yeah great Scottish band.image I do put their lyrics on here a few times.image Yeah Scobos was their biggest fan I think. He posted over on Scottish Runners recently.

  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭


    Birks: Great Scottish band...not the Bay CIty Rollers, surely? image

    What: A mile or so walk then stretches, then 8 x 100 m very very slow run with stretches between each.Slightly niggly calf on the last one. No reaction in the morning would, of course, be good.

    Well run Pammie, not least on the consistent getting out there and doing it.


    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • RFJ Great news about the job.
    Lyrics, are you kidding? For the past couple of days I didn't even know the answers, let alone the questions.
    Birk: Scotland sounds like the right place to be, bizarrely.
    Dubai Dave: Rain is the stuff that is a bit difficult to describe. It's a bit like getting in the shower in the bathroom but turned to cold and left running.

    For me today has been mostly about mileage. Driving through horrid spray sort of mileage.
    Yesterday was one of my rave runs. I've done it twice before, over the years, and it's not for wimps. Set off from Fishguard Old Harbour and take the signposted path to Dinas Head. When you get there, turn round and go back. As it's a coastal path the view is different going home. This country has got some jaw dropping beauty, and this is an absolute gem.
    It took me 1:30 to get to Dinas Head, which is almost 6.5 miles, by which time I was pretty much tired out. The up bits and down bits are quite simply staircases. The relatively flat bits include 6" wide tracks that are overhung with vegetation: but don't trip because you get a 300 foot drop onto the rocks if you're unlucky.
    The return leg was a bit of a challenge, with me mentally calculating whether I could do the final 3 miles in 45 minutes!
    Here's my mile pace splits:
    1- 11:01 -hr 145
    2- 13:25 -hr 126
    3- 12:15 -hr 120
    4- 12:34 -hr 118
    5- 15:36- hr 121
    6- 17:48- hr 114 next is a half mile
    + 13:55mm- hr 124 then reset to zero for return
    1- 12:59-  hr 110
    2- 15:50- hr 117
    3- 16:07- hr 116
    4- 13:39- hr 121
    5- 16:31- hr 117 it started to rain from here.
    6- 15:53- hr 117
    + 12:07- hr 112
    So that's 12.5 miles in the time it has previously taken me to run a marathon, and I was more tired at the end of this one. I was particularly impressed with mile 6.

    Wildlife? A whole host of sea birds, Wheatears, Stonechats, even a Raven (my first wild UK sighting!), 2 foxes (different locations), and a dragon's lair.

  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭

    Beautiful weather here in the North-West today, Blisters. Summer came (and probably went) today. Not seen any dragon's lairs around here for a while, though. Lots of foxes around: they seem to be town animals these days. Nice running: looks like a big ask!

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
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