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I want to start running. I have always considered running to be horrendous but recently have decided that the idea of being able to go for a run, clear my head and have that freedom is an attractive one. I wanted to know which schedule is best - I was looking at either the 8 week beginner one or the 6 week beginner 5k one?

I started kickboxing in January so my fitness has obviously greatly improved but running is still poor. On my rest days would I be able to go kickboxing or should I do no exercise? If thats the case, how would I go about incorporating the two?

How quickly should I see results in the way of weight loss/toning up/fitness?

Any advice will be hugely appreciated.



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    Hi Jo, Welcome to the forum.

    Take a look at the plans on here or alternatively google: couch to 5k. Any of these are good for starters and will get you building up your mileage gradually.

    I'd recommend getting a good sports bra (but you probably have one of those already for kickboxing) and just take it easy! Don't try and overdo - just stick to the plan and it'll see you through.

    Regarding the other sport - i'd keep doing it. On rest days - you can go kick boxing, cycling - whatever you want. I normally use my rest days from running to cross train (cycling, swimming etc). Just carry on as normal with kick boxing and build up your running nice and slowly.

    How quickly to see results? How long is a piece of string? image It really depends on so many differing factors that it's not possible to say exactly. Get to the end of the program and see how you feel. I've heard between 1-4 months but that's a complete average. Your body is unique - so it could be quicker or slower.

  • Sounds like you're well on the way to being a convert! And a rest day just means a day where you don't run, it's certainly not a day where you must do nothing but sit on the sofa!

  • I would take things slowly - aim for the 8 week one and see how things go. Dont push yourself too far too soon.

    When I started running a few years back I literally couldnt run longer than 5 minutes - but slowly I aimed for a 5k distance and/or run for 30-40 minutes. I was so shuffed when I got there. Now I can do 10k's and have run further so am aiming for a half marathon in the autumn. Like you it is a stress releasing activity - with 3 small boys, going out for a run is heaven!! You can x train on rest days so kickboxing is fine.


  • Thanks for all the advice, I'm getting excited now. I just hope I can do it and remain motivated. Like you gemgem, I can't run longer than a few minutes without feeling like I'm dying! If I can get to a stage where I can run for 30 minutes I'll be super chuffed. Are there any apps anyone can reccommend for the time keeping as I'll only be doing a minute of running then walking at first? Also any advice on a first pair of trainers? Not looking to spend a fortune as unsure whether I will stick to it or not?!

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    @Jo - there's an app for your iphone which will tell you over your earphones when to run, when to stop etc. I can't remember the name but maybe someone else knows it. For me - I started out with a decent pair... purely because I've seen the injuries when you dont wear the right shoes... but it depends on you - a friend of mine started running barefoot on the grass to get used to it!

  • Also any advice on a first pair of trainers? Not looking to spend a fortune as unsure whether I will stick to it or not?!

    Yes, one piece of advice - get a pair that's right for your feet. Cheap/unsuitable trainers that give you an injury are far more likely to make you "not stick to it"
    A local sports shop that can offer gait analysis will help.

  • the app Emmy_bug is thinking of might be Runkeeper - I use that one and its very good, I also use Endomondo, not as easy to set up intervals as Runkeeper tho, but usually a better GPS fix.

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