I read a book

Hi all, I read a book last week(don't know if I can name it so I won't) about a chap who said he couldn't swim, ride or run, I think he hangs around here sometimes.

Anyway it inspired me because I cant do any of those things either, well actually I can just not very well.  So I decided to have a go myself.  I've just signed up to the local gym and am looking forward to getting started.  I'm posting here as a way of recording my progress and hopefully getting to chat to like minded people.

Just as a side note I mentioned my enthusiasm to a work colleague and after he stopped smirking he asked if I was going to be an Ironman, yes I said. O god.......


  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Andy's on here - his name's "IronHolgs" -you'll normally find him on "fatman to ironman" or some of the pirate threads.

    I found his book really inspiring too - it really reminded me how anyone can do it - they just need the determination to do it!

  • Well hopefully I'll get to thank Andy one day on giving me the push I needed to get started, and anyone else I encounter along the way.

  • I've also read that book and thought it was a great read and very inspiring also.

  • Which book is it?  It sounds just the thing I need right now?

  • Hi Ickle Legs, its called Can't swim, can't ride, Can't run.  Andy Holgate (Ironholgs) the chap that wrote it posts on the forums here.  I thought it was a great read

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