Hello (again) everyone

Hi all

Well, I first joined this site in 2007 when I gradually built up to running 10k in around an hour. In the meantime I've had 3 kids (and 3 c sections) in four years, have added about 3 stone in weight, am pushing 40 and have moved from the UK to Malaysia where it's very hot and humid, which are not my ideal running conditions, I'm definitely a cold weather kind of person! 

Anyway, really just wanted to say hello again as I'll hopefully be on here a bit as a venture back into the world of running. I went for  my first run in the C25K programme today (on a treadmill, it was 36c outside) and am 12 weeks post my 3rd c section today. The run seemed to go ok, felt like I could have a done a little bit more but am sticking to the programme in the hope I will build up slowly and it will be better for me.

Looking forward to chatting to you all as and when my kids permit image 



  • Wow! That's an eventful few years you've had!

    Good luck with the running - especially taking it outdoors. Hot and humid conditions are not to my liking either! image

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