Box Hill for the Men's Olympic Cycling



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    Cheerful Dave wrote (see)

    How did everyone get on?  I got to the bottom of the zig zag courtesy of a Dormouse Drive ticket from Gladys, only to be told it was full (eh?  It's ticket only!) and we all had to go up to Donkey Green instead, which was fab - good views of the riders, and a big screen as well.  Absolutely heaving but a great atmosphere, just like everywhere else I guess.


    Yep, same here.  That worked out quite nicely.  We stood near the top of the hill just before it curves round left to the car park/cafe, so it was a two minutes cheeky walk through the outback (after lap 8) to get a decent spot in front of the big screen.

    CD - This has really whet the appetite for my first Ballbuster!  (Although I don't expect the weather will be quite as pleasant.)  Is it the same route?

  • It'll be a lot colder PP!  The course isn't quite the same - just after the steep descent through Headley Village (where Wiggo & co kept getting off the front of the peloton) the BB takes a very sharp left turn while the road race carried straight on.  The two join up again between Mickleham village and the bottom of the zigzag.  It cuts out about two miles of their 10 mile loop, mainly the dual carriageway section.

    Don't expect the support to be quite the same during the BB either.  image

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    We went to the ZICO thing and we had a great day.  We got ourselves a nice pitch in a good location and the crowd was only a couple of people deep.  We were able to nip back to ZICO for comfort breaks as required.  Once they'd gone past us for the final time we all legged it back to ZICO to watch the end.

    It really was a most excellent day.

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    Cheers CD. In a fit of enthusiasm I went out and bought some clip-on bars and I think I've sorted out a decent aero position on my road bike but I really should HTFU and give them a proper bash on a section of dual carriageway to make sure I'm in a Wiggotastic position.  I'm sure it'll all go to pot after a couple of times up the hill, but might as well show willing.

  • West Byfleet with the kids, bike to the event down the canal, whoosh whoosh for the men, whoosh for the women Sunday, big fayre in an adjacent field both days, funfair, stalls, grub, beer tent and a mehuey great screen and lots of grass. All free entry. Same on Sunday but with a lot of water. 

    And a couple of binning its on Dustboy Corner so I don't feel quite so silly now. I think the motorbike nearly lost it too.

    Phil, roughly right angles for elbows and shoulders, saddle in NQB/NQA. Ish

  • PP - practise descending with your eyes shut. Good practise for the visibility on the day. I believe I'm cured of ballbusters; though is depends if CD can tempt me out in November.

    Liking the new pic Dusty.

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    Dustboy wrote (see)

    NQB/NQA. Ish

    No, you've lost me there!  Compared to my road position I've moved the saddle forward a bit (and up slightly to keep the same distance to the pedals), removed a couple of spacers and turned the stem to its lowest position.  Looks pretty good in the mirror and feels OK after a short trial but just need to get a bit more continuous riding in to make sure it's comfy over a long period, and convince myself that it's actually making me faster!

    Basically this, except I've since replaced the PX saddle with a Fizik Arione cos the PX was getting a bit knackered...


  • Hearth needs sweeping. You need to find a better way to route your speaker cables too. HTH.

  • Phil NQB/NQA = not quite bollox/not quite arse, the bit in the middle and that is where the pointy bit at the front of your saddle goes. Ergo some saddles have soft tri noses. Generally, I can push one gear higher for the same effort in that position.

    Is that a BROWN bike?

    Cat5, cheers, thought I'd scare people with a picture of me looking happy. Rio can work wonders with miserable sods!

  • Is that a sepia shot for effect or because it was taken in 1900, PP? image
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    Hmmm... now you mention it, it's all gone a bit Bagpuss hasn't it.  The wallpaper's beige/gold, wooden floor and speaker stands... maybe it's reflected in the bike, which is most definitely not brown.  Or maybe I just pissed about too much with the colour settings.

    Cat5 - I've been thinking some sort of trailing plant might be in order to conceal the cables but I haven't done anything about it yet.  The speakers sound ace though - Epos Epic 2.

    Dustboy - Ah, gotcha.  I think I'm fairly comfortable sitting forward on the Arione saddle but that'll be another thing to check when I have a longer ride in my makeshift TT position.

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