Problems with Garmin 610

Has anyone else had problems with the silver coating on the back of the watch rubbing off and uncovering the base metal and turning your wrist green?

I sent the watch back and receive a replacement, however the silver coating is rubbing off again after a month.

Also the replacement watch heart rate monitor reading is very high and the calorie counter doesnt work either.

I have sent Garmin an email concerning the above points.

I might change to the Garmin 910, but looks very bulky and cant see if it has an alarm so you can use as an everyday watch.




  • So far no problems with mine. I have used it almost daily for about 6 months.The silver back is still in perfect condition
  • The heart rate monitor problem is due to the static from your technical t-shirt/running vest.  Makes heart rate monitors go crazy.

    I too had a problem with the calorie counter. Think it is related to the heart rate monitor problem as does not happen when I don't use the heart monitor.

    No problems with back of watch.

  • Garmin 910 is lovely - but not sure it has an alarm...

  • I think I remember reading a gripe on another thread here about not being able to use the 910 as an everyday watch for some reason or other...

  • Thanks for the comments.

    Garmin sent a new heart monitor strap and its works perfect.  also sending the watch back for a second time for a replacement.



  • My 610 is bubbling on the back - and I have the velcro fabric strap which covers the back specifically!!

    Also being sent a new HRM strap as mine is now useless, even after a new battery etc...


  • Just noticed that mine is now starting to go on the back (610) - starting to bubble under the coating. Mine is 9 months old with the original strap

  • Mine went green a few weeks ago, it's way out of warranty now though as I got it on release. Wiped it off, not really a major issue for me now.
  • Been through two 610's. Both died.  Now using a 910XT. Love it, but to use it as an everyday watch you'd need to remember to turn off the GPS (the 610 goes into watch mode automatically).

  • I cant pair my new 610 with the hrm. After two days of trying its becoming very frustrating....any tips anyone?

  • Its a hastle on the soft strap, but if pairing isn't happening, replacing the battery, or if it is new, taking the battery out for a few minutes has been recommeded in the past on the garmin boards.

  • Mine started going green and rubbing off on my wrist about 9 months ago (bought on release) - I just started wiping it down with water after a run and now it's fine.


    The straps - especially the soft ones have a short lifespan.  I now buy the Polar wearlink+ soft straps (cheaper) and trim the rubber round the press stud with a razor - works better than the Garmin.  Just make sure you rinse your strap in the shower after every run for a longer life (otherwise you may only get a coupld of months or so out of it).

  • I contacted Garmin on the green back in about the 12th month of warranty. I received a brand new watch. My soft strap lasted about 13 months before it needed replacing. Also went with the Polar soft strap, and so far its been a lot better

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