Read or watch telly.


  • I want to say read, and yet I get home most days and watch absolute rubbish on TV!


  • I prefer to watch telly rather than read it.

    i can't stand subtitles.

  • I'm debating whether to even get a tv in my new house.  But I always have a book on the go even if it takes me 6 months to have the time to finish it.

  • When I do read a book I'm totally absorbed in it. I couldn't do what some people do and watch telly or listen to music at the same time. I must see if I can get some holiday reading books.
  • I prefer to read, most tv programmes don't interest me.  Can't stand soaps or 'reality tv'.

    The only tv programmes I like are things like CSI image

    I know what you mean SR - I don't like to have music on while I'm reading.


  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    I don't like reading. I pick up a book, get totally engrossed in it and won't do anything until I put it down. Then I'm sad that I've finished it. Still I have about 100 books on the need reading list.

    I don't have a TV. I never watched TV as a kid. Not that I read much as a child either but now I find that if something has words on it I'll read it. That includes junk, rubbish and trash.

  • Read - the only tv i really watch are the Universal channels with the crime programmes.

  • It's so nice to see that so many of us prefer to read.

  • I'm with Mouse in that I will read anything.  There are few things I chose to read, but people buy or loan me books and in that case I'm not fussy

  • Prefer reading. Haven't watched TV this year image But do use Iplayer and the likes to watch what I want when I want. I'll read anything, plus I have a guilty addiction of Magazines. I've bought all sorts of magazine before. Today I bought 'Climber' magazine but I don't do any climbing. Not yet anyway. I bought Mountain and trek too. Never climbed a mountain. So there you go

  • Read! And I can read anywhere, no matter how noisy the surroundings. I love my Kindle for holiday reading, no longer do I have to worry about fitting six books in my suitcase.

  • Both! Each has it's place for me - sometimes I like vegetating in front of the tv, but I am selective in what I watch, other times I'd much rather lose myself in a book. I'm also selective in what I read - I have a habit of starting books, not being drawn into them, and abandoning them. But there are other books I can't put down, and some favourites I can read over and over again. 

  • TV if I try to read when not in the mood or too tired I never remember what I've read. I do have 3 books on the go at the moment and try to read for 10-15 minutes when I go to bed. I also read during lunch break at work

  • vegging in front of the TV for me, spend all day in front of computer screen concentrating and reading (allegedly) so to unwind I prefer to just put something mindless on to entertain me that I don't have to work at.


  • I do like watching tv whilst I'm at the gym. I've tried reading books, but it just doesn't work on the treadmill or cross trainer. Trying to focus on words whilst moving seems to induce motion sickness image

    Unfortunately, there's never any sound on the tv, and only occasionally are the subtitles on (the distance of subtitles avoids the motion sickness effect). And usually they're tuned in to Dave or Sky Sports News, so there are endless reports on cricket and the like, or repeats of Top Gear...

  • Both depending on where I am.

    On the rare occasions that I use public transport I like to be able to read. I also like reading when the TV is on and its something that I'm not interested but others are watching.

    TV tends to be a mixed bag of science fiction and fantasy, documentaries and comedies.


  • Both have their place. I've not yet worked out how to do the ironing & read at the same time - so the TV usually accompanies ironing. Having said that, nothing beats that feeling of getting utterly lost in a good book. 

    There's loads of good stuff on the TV if you're selective & seek it out. BBC4 is my usual channel. They've recently done a Shakespeare season, so I've got ~ 20 hours of that sitting on the recorder. I'll watch some comedy, some sport (never football) documentries (I'm a geek, I like learning new stuff). I very rarely watch TV live, it's usually recorded & played back later. 

  • Either but it depends on what's on  for me - if there's not something on that I specifically want to watch I'd much rather read than channel hop.

    We had 6 months without tv (due to lack of an aerial in a rented house which never got sorted) and that kind of weaned me off watching it for the sake of it.

    I'm now like Helen - I like to record stuff and watch it when it's convenient - just out of interest does anyone know how many hours you can record on a BT box? I'm getting a bit behind and wondering if I need to delete my least favourites...

  • I read the TV listings hey presto BOTH !

  • Depends what is on TV - if it is a sport I am interested in I will watch it, also like to pedal along with the Tour de France as our home trainer is set up in the living room. If no sports on, I will read. I always read in the evenings before going to sleep and get through about 6 books a week on average. I am probably the customer most often in the library and will read most anythng except sloppy romances.

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