EATING-So what do you guys eat?

Im 20 years old, Im overweight, (have a underactive thyroid & Plus years of eating bad food) I have been following an Army fitness programme, since I have always wanted to join the Army, but I dont plan on joining until I have lost my weight.. I weigh about 15 stone the last time I checked.

So what do you guys eat as runners? when you go to the supermarket.. do you shop in every isle or just the ones that sell green stuff? I know I need to change my diet because Im 20 now, and I want to sign up as soon as possible so hopefully If I changed my diet & combined this with exercize I would see the results right? I hope


at the moment, I have tried to stop eating all bad food ''inside my house'' and to try and bring new healthy options for me to have.. I just hope it pays off.. when Im outside of my house its a lot harder, when you are hungry because of the ammount of fast food places, that offer a quick fix.. and something nice to taste, healthy people what do you eat when outside? do you never eat anything bad? and if you can, can you recrommend some meals that I could have or make.. from supermarkets like tesco that are good for me.


  • I'm trying to get leaner, so I aim to eat around 1500kcal a day, starting off with a bowl of oats with milk for breakfast, and then lunch and dinner is anything that fits into my total daily allowance while maintaing a good balance between fats, protien and carbs. I suppose common sense like cutting out fizzy drinks, snacking and the like plays a part in. Of course, a radical change in diet is a strong test of willpower, so I do treat myself every now and again, but then it's still a matter of working out what fits in where in terms of energy taken in/burnt off, and its small portions (e.g a couple of squares of chocolate like 100kcal, not the whole bar).

    Chicken breast is always good and has less fat on it than darker cuts, and can be cooked in multiple ways. Salmon too is quite tasty and versatile. Brown rice and wholemeal pasta are good sides.

    Though an overly simplistic approach to weightloss, just try to burn more energy than you consume (which can be achieved even without exercise if you lower your intake of of calories below the 'average' RDA).


  • Hello BritishRunner - never met one of those before!
    Strict diet? Nope. Junk food? Hell no.
    If you eat properly sized portions of healthy, low-fat food, you really don't need to have a rigorous diet plan, especially if you're doing training. As for eating out, well, before you go out think if you're going to need a meal while you're out. If you are, why not take a packed lunch, (e.g. chicken sandwiches) with you, so there's no excuse to eat at McD's or where-ever. If you're not out for so long, take a snack like a banana.

  • everything in moderation is ok............planning makes eating better a lot easier...........good luck

  • Just try to eat fresh food i.e. from ingredients rather than everything out of a box or carton.

  • I eat lots of Cake. image

  • Eckytump. wrote (see)

    I eat lots of Cake. image

    Out of a box or do you make it?

  • It has to be homemade. I dont like stuff out of boxes.

  • TBR you could always make up some pasta and take it for lunch to stop you eating bad stuff. I do find that if I eat really well with no processed stuff then I dont crave it.

    We have pasta with smoked bacon bits,pesto,cherry toms and rocket which is really nice and can be eaten cold.

  • My diet is about 80:20 healthy:indulgent ratio. I'm lucky because I really like salad anyway, so it's fairy easy to keep most of my meals healthy - I just fill up half the plate with green stuff which leaves less space for the not-so-healthy things.

    I don't really eat much pre-packed junk food, my vices are things like cheese and bread ... nothing wrong with them in moderation, but I could quite happily sit down and munch my way through a whole loaf of crusty bread. Yum image 

  • Mostly healthy, I've been veggie for over twenty years. Toying with vegan and raw food at the moment, both of which have something to offer.

    Saying that, came in from shooting a wedding today and was knackered so I've just had a take-away. Very rare that, though...

    Saw an ace comment on a documentary, "if you must eat too lots, make sure it's healthy" - on that basis I take a bag of apples to work every day and eat those when I fancy a scone or cake - deffo makes a difference...

  • I think I eat tons of crap but when I compare with other people, my diet actually isn't too bad. I don't drink fizzy juice and I rarely eat fast foods, I scoff loads of veggies and fruit and I cook from scratch a lot. My downfall is sweeties and I eat loads. If I could just bin the sweeties (and the wine!) I'd probably lose a stone in a month. I'm a bit overweight but overall much healthier and fitter than most of the thinner people I know.

    For you, I'd suggest learning to make half a dozen core meals - nothing too fancy, just good plain food. Stuff you can cook a batch of, then freeze in portions. That way you can always have something good to eat in the freezer. Pasta sauces are good to freeze. Also you should think about making food and carrying it with you so you'll be less tempted by takeaways when you're out and about. Tuna pasta is a favourite of many folk and dead easy to throw together.

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