Newbie - got the running bug after doing a 10k charity run

Hiya all

I completed a 10k on Wednesday - it was more of a fun run so I didnt bother with training as I thought I'd 'walk' most of it. I actually found myself running more than walking, I didnt know I would actually enjoy it, I managed to complete it in 1 Hour 16 Minutes (I dont know if thats good/bad??). I have now signed up to do a 10k in October so want to start training (my lack of training for the last 10k is seriously biting me in the bum now because I can barely walk).

Have you got any tips on training, I have downloaded the Couch to 10k running app which looks pretty good as I am more of a run/walker at the mo..

Also I would like to try and shed 1 stone in the process, do you have any tips on diets.. I work full time so would like to have maybe a healthy sandwich or something pretty convenient..

Any tips/advice will be much appreciated - Trace

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