Sports Bras or just integral to trisuit

I am new to triathlon, but individual elements of training going well. I have two questions.

Firstly is the integral bra within some trisuits sufficient for the run (I am quite busty and my recent measurement for a Berlei sports bra suggested I was a 38DD - quite a shock).  I don't really want to wear a sports bra swimming and then have it wet, cold and chafing for the bike/run section. Likewise, don't really want to be having to add it (not very discretely) during a transition. Any thoughts?

Also, currently only training on exercise bike as don't even own a bike, given up to rust many years ago. I know the postures are very different, so do need to start doing outdoor training. I also know that racing/road bike different from special triathlon bike, but don't really want to be spending a fortune. Should I just go for a road bike and alter seat angle/get handlebar adjustments. Any ideas where to get good 2nd hand/cheap new bikes. Thanks


  • I am bigger than you but even at a DD cup I would be wearing a sprts bra under the tri top - I doubt the integral thing is enought to keep you comfortable.  You get used to it and I find the bra dries out on the bike.  I don't get any chaffing doing that but then chaffing isn't something I have been prone to so far

    Starting out in tri - get a road bike you can afford and feels comfortable - and test ride it - any bike shop worth visiting will let you either test ride in some capacity.  My first road bike happens to be a tri bike but thats because it felt the best out of five I test rode.  I vwas lucky enough to live somewhere with several decent bike shops at the time so was able totest ride a few

  • Thank you. Interesting that you say a wet bra doesn't cause you problems. Will have to try it out when I start combining the elements of my training. Still focussing on individual components so far. Will bike to my pool, swim then run back (wrong order I know but combines commuting to/from pool with the training!)

    I too have a couple of good bike shops (might leave the likes of Halfords!) so will pay them a visit. Thanks for input.
  • I get by with just the integral bra in the tri-suits, but then I'm a AA cup. Wouldn't like to try it with larger boobs! Don't imagine a wet sports bra would be any more uncomfortable than a wet tri-suit to run in, and most girls of ample boobage that I spoke to at the two triathlons I've done said they wear the sports bra underneath right from the start. A couple said they wear the crop-top style compression ones and pull them on over the top of their tri-suit in T2.

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