Knee problems and trainer advice

I ran a marathon 4 months ago and managed to get injured. Basically I damaged the tissue/tendions on the inside of my knee due to a weak hip and my knee took the brunt of the impact. I was advised by my physio to get orthonics to insert withn my trainers and also to get some very flexible neautral trainers. I haven't swtiched my trainers yet as I was told to keep using the ones I've got until they wear out as long as I don't run long distance, but I've now managed to aggreviate my knee again so really need to replace sooner rather than later. Any advice of some decent trainers that fit the bill would be good, as I'm always baffled when I go to sweatshop. Thanks


  • Hi Lisa,

    The ASICS Gel Nimbus is quite a popular, fairly neutral shoe, the older models (like Gel Nimbus 12) are available for a good price these days.

    To me though, it's a little odd to choose a neutral shoe and an orthotic, rather than use a stability shoe that will support the arch of the foot and help control your heel position as well.

    In terms of stability shoes, I like ASICS Kayano and Nike Lunar Eclipse 2. That said, shoe selection is always down to the individual and the best things is to try some on and run on the treadmill in the shop, see what works for you.

    Hope that helps

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