Fatty and Skinny went to bed, Fatty rolled over and Skinny was a little annoyed



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    Where the feck is Benin? image

    Its a country in West Africa to be exact. It was called the Kingdom of Dahomey Famous for two things.These which are mostly in the British Museum and the fact that almost every black person you might meet born in North America, the Caribbean, or South America (or who is a desendant in total or in part of those people, if born elsewhere) has ancestors who where sold as slaves from that kingdoms ports.

    History with a capital H


    Thank you image

  • Just to keep things moving globally, I'm like someone from Fiji! At my old weight I'd be like somebody from Micronesia.

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    Apparently I'm an Ethiopian - begs the question - why don't I run any feckin faster?????

    that cheered my day image


  • MartenkayMartenkay ✭✭✭

    Papua New Guinea!

    BMI less than 92% of UK males!

    Oh yes, where is my passport, let me out of here!!

  • Sri Lanka
    With a 'BMI' less than 96% of UK males (76% world-wide) - agerd 45-49

  • mauritius

    I wish I had somewhere easier to spell.

    Although my BMI is 26 I stll have a BMI of less than 63% of people from the UK, but higher than 58% of people in the world.


  • Mongolia. I'm a chubber. image

    Ha ha. Comparatively I'm not so bad. I put in my partner's stats and he's a Micronesian: 'a higher BMI than 100% of males aged 45-59 in the world....' 

  • Chad

    At least it's easy to spell!

  • T'other week I was Eritrea.

    Now I've had 2 complete rest weeks, and I'm still scoffing for England I'm DR Congo or Nepal.

  • Tonga, hahahaha! I bet it has l lovely beaches image
  • Guinea

    Interesting website, I'll have to send it round the office to see how many people match the Tonga profile image

  • honduras.  26.1 bmi which is classed as over weight.  Salad for all meals and those lovely healthy lunchtime drink shakes.


  • Guinea Bissau at my current, stubborn to address weight.

    Interestingly they are slightly skinnier than folks in The Gambia. Having been to The Gambia I am left wondering where all the monstrously fat people are, because the vast majority were paper thin.

    I'm disappointed that the Brits are fatter than the Greeks, but I suppose that the swarms in ASDA-ville explain it.

    (I've just checked against my target weight. Another 4lb off where I am and I reach the standard for Somalia!)

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