OMG! Signed up for a half marathon in October...

Hi all,

I have been half-heartedly running for about 3 years.  I started doing the Race for Life then and have done a couple of other 5k's.

I have since signed up for a half in October and it dawned on me today that I have 3 months!

I have been quietly reading your posts and thought that maybe I could absorb some of your enthusiasm!

I have a question...I ran 6.5k last weekend and I had really bad pain in my leg the day after.  I have a varicose vein and was wondering if I should get a pair of compression socks?? Would they help?   The pain is much better now although it is still a little tender - I have not run this week but am going to try later on today.

I am looking forward to hearing from youimage


  • Ouch! I'm not much help I'm afraid but are varicose veins supposed to hurt? Is it worth a trip to the doctor?

    Good luck for your half marathon! I did my first half in April and really enjoyed it so h e signed up for 2 more! I'm sure you'll enjoy it!
  • Thanks for your reply! I did a short run earlier and am not sure no if it might be a muscle thing??  It felt okay but I power walked for ages to get myself warmed up!

    I am stressing about October and know that as long as I am taking it careful and keep doing it it should be fine.  Did you follow a program?

    Thanks image

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