Marrakesh Half Marathon 2013


I want to do this race next year and have been looking it up on google but I'm finding it a bit difficult to find the actual race website.  Also can anyone recommend a company we can book through.  Are they worth the money or is it just as easy to do it all ourselves in terms of booking the flights, transfers, race entry etc.?  I did briefly look at 2:09's website but it was a bit out of our price range.




  • Sue,

    The race website is

    It is relatively straightforward to enter online - click on inscriptions and follow Le Semi-Marathon etc.

    I have run there a few times and always found it easy to organise myself, there are plenty of choices from hotels to riads in the centre of the old town, and budget flights - although I have not checked for next year, but I have flown both Easyjet and Ryanair in the past.

    Let me know if you need any further help, but certainly diy will be an experience!

    SPB 100


  • Thanks SPB, looks like a lot more investigative work is needed.  It is cheaper to DIY yourself though isn't it than using an agent of sorts?



  • Well, we've done it - booked a riad for 4 nights and return flights and booked our half marathon places.  Had a bit of fun trying to find our nationality in the list image.

    Question for anyone - do you or don't you need a medical certificate.  They have given us a pdf of a standard looking certificate but its all in French and because its a PDF it isn't convertible.  Is it just a letter from our GP confirming our name and DOB and confirming we are fit to run?  Sooooo excited now we've taken the plunge image

  • Sue,

    Glad you navigated the website, as it is french organised, you do need a medical certificate, whether they ask for it at registration is another matter, however, not worth the risk.  Getting your GP to sign it may be an issue as I found out the first time I did the Paris Marathon and your GP might charge a fee, so you might need to use your imagination!!.  Wording and translation on the following lines -


    Je soussigné(e):
    (I the undersigned)

    Docteur en médicine
    (Doctor of medicine)

    Apres avoir examine ce jour:
    (have, today examined)

    Mlle/Mme ou M.:
    (Miss, Mrs or Mrimage

    Né(e) le:
    (Born on image

    certifie que son état de santé actuel ne présente pas de contre-indication à la pratique du sport en).
    (certify that he/she demonstrates a level of fitness that does not prevent the practice of sports in competition.)


    Signature et cachet:
    Signature and stamp:


    Hope this helps,


  • Just come across this thread on the forum. I am intending to run and have booked flights to Marrakech. Not yet booked a marathon place but will be doing soon.

    Looking forward to it.



  • Is anyone else planning on doing this run?


  • I'm in. Did this last year with my partner as her 1st race. It's very good, we had a beautiful day, although a taxi man told us it had rained the previous 3 years. We got a package with RunningInspired for ??185 per person for 3 nights, and bought easy jet flights from gatwick on top for about 100 each. Might be worth considering unless you know your way round Marrakech and have time to collect numbers etc. This year we got a 4 night deal off Groupon inc flights for about ??220 each. They keep coming up, but you have to book it without being certain you can get your dates, although Groupon has a 7 day cancellation policy so you can pull out if necessary.
  • Still not many of us doing it but I'm really looking forward to it image

  • Hi Guys,

    Originally from Morocco, I met up with the organisers last week while in Marrakech, I am running this year for London's Air Ambulance

    We are group of friends form LAA, my local running club, neighbours, you can join us for party for an Arabian night out with acrobats and dancers from various Moroccan tribes as well as horsing skills from Berber warriors - you even get fed as well. The restaurant is just outside Marrakech Chez ALI (about 15/20 minute drive).

    For registrations, I can arrange that for you , I've got forms here and will be more than happy to help image
  • Hi SurreyChick, Rachid, James and John.

    I have also entered the full Marathon, and just come across this thread, which is useful, as I had not thought about a medical certificate before.  I was originally thinking of going out Friday and back Monday, but my better half has "persuaded" me that we should make a week of it, and has booked a full board week at ClubHotel Riu Tikida Palmeraie with Thomson.  It is Friday to Friday so I should be able to register on Saturday and only have to worry about what I eat/drink for one day. And only slightly worried about the 5hr30 cut off.


  • I did it this year and was intending to do it again, but left it too late to get overly cheap flights and have decided against it.

    Last year  entered the day and no one asked for the med cert. But I wouldn't chance not taking one.

    I've been to marrakech loads and it's easy to do indepedently particularly if you stay near the Medina. Both the start and the race village for signining on are within easy walking distance. It is also easy to find decent cheap accomodation (circa £20 for a double room per night) without booking ahead.

    This years weather was fine but it was cold and wet the 2 days preceeding it. Went trekking in the Altlas mountains a couple of days afterwards - there was snow and it was bitterly cold. Just because it is Africa don't think that it is hot. 

  • I know I'm a year or two late for this forum, but am considering running this Jan 2014. As it's our first time to Morrocco, I think it might be a good idea to play it safe and go through RunningInspired. James, did this go well for you? Which Hotel did you go to if you don't mind me asking, and would you reccommend it? We were going to do Paris (AGAIN!), which we love, but wanted to try something a little different this time, but any tips very much appreciated. 

    Many thanks image

  • Running inspired was ok....but actually did very little. The man was late to collect us at the airport on arrival which was a bit stressful! He got us to our hotel (Almas, in new town, not sure they are using this hotel anymore but it was a decent business style hotel) and sorted out our numbers but actually that was it. No info let alone help in finding the race next morning which would have been useful, especially in the days before iPhone maps! I don't think the hotel was quite as close to the start as it was claimed to be.... Didn't see them again until getting collected the day we left.

    This year we did it ourselves, an amazingly cheap deal through Groupon. A very plush tourist style hotel with an icy swimming pool perfect for mashed up legs! We registered online and then it's just a case of arriving the day before with enough time to collect your number, which was fairly easy although by then we knew our way around a bit (other than the old city Marrakech isn't too bad for navigation). A taxi to the start may be necessary depending on where you are, but your hotel should be able to help with this.

    Well, whichever way you go it should be great, the weather was so good this year, even nights were comfortably warm, although we heard it had rained on race day the three years before we first went. Marrakech is a great place to unwind after the race, 3 or 4 nights is also plenty there as its fairly small.

    Let me know if I can be of any more help, J
  • We did it ourselves and it was very easy.  We did get medical certificates but weren't asked for them so we didn't give them in.  We booked a riad via Expedia and the 4 nights we went for including flights from Easyjet was only £250 each.  I wouldn't bother using a company to do it for you - if I can do it anyone can.  The only small problem we had was finding where to collect your number from but it was within walking distance of the main square for us so it was again not too bad a problem and we'd easily be able to find it again.  The weather was lovely and perfect for running in.  I wouldn't do it again just because I didn't like the hassle we got from everyone i.e. beggars, shop owners, restaurant owners but I am glad I did it and it was an experience though for me not to be repeated.

  • Heading to Marrakesh for the half this weekend, just reading everyone's comments from previous years and really looking forward to it. Thanks for the tips!

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