Cycling problem

Hello all,

Hope everyone is well and the bus loads of people doing the outlaw had a blast!

I am going for outlaw 2013 and already looking forward to it, but have a slight issue and I wondered if anyone had any suggestions.

Looking to follow the Fink intermediate plan however I am soon to be based in Salisbury and girlfriend lives in angel, london. Bit concerned about fitting the cycling in.

Her flat is TINY and it's really busy round there and don't fancy cycling on the roads near her. But she has got a roof terrace which I may be able to leave a bike on. But it would probably have to be a turbo 'cos I think I would crap myself on the roads.

Just wondering if anyone could suggest anything I haven't thought of. (Did consider a different girlfriend but I am rather fond of her!)

Ta muchly


  • jump on the first tube on a monday morning.... ride for 5 -6 hrs ending up back at hers, or jump on the tube agian to get home.

    You can go to epping, (I ride from Leytonstone / woodford - castle@eight on a sunday morning) or NW to the chilterns, or jump on a train from waterloo to go to surrey hills,

    or just ride out to those - 60-90 mins for those on a Sunday morning.

    Or get a MTB, jump on the regents canal, head east, then up the lee navigation to epping forrest.  I think you can also go west / NW as well from PAddington.  Ride 3 hrs out then turn around image

    If anyone says ride to richmond park, ignore them.

    Hope that helps

  • Ride to Richmond Park HP : )  You can pop to mine for a cuppa.


  • Where abouts in London exactly?

  • image in the original post GB "gf lives in ANGEL, LONDON" so that's islington n1
  • I live in Finsbury Park and have lived in Angel I cycle every day through North London

    On a Brompton

    I have cycled to Richmond gone round the park both ways from Finsbury Park

    On a Brompton

    I have pretty much cycled all over London

    On a Brompton

    I will be cycling to Brighton soon

    On a Brompton

    If your good enough to race and you wait until your clear of central London to put the pedal down you will be fine

    For those you dont know this is a Brompton

    Be predictable.

    Make clear hand signals.

    Obey the lights.

    Dont undertake.

    Watch your back.

    Dont race the traffic.

    It will win.

    Come on in. The roads are lovelyimage



  • ahhh yeahhhh image


    Not the easiest place then to get out of really... well without the need to cross cerntral London. I do have a friend who lives that area though and cross central to come out with me in the south west. I think it's just a case of getting used to cycling in London and people will realise it really is not as bad as people often think... plus I would argue it has made me a much better cyclist in spotting hazards and stuff!


    Other than that - Turbo on the roof... very lucky!!! I have 3 bikes in my tiny flat (well that are my own.. there are 6 here in total for a 3 bed flat), and my turbo sessions are limited to the staircase infront of the front door image

  • Gastank (PA to BaconLube CEO) wrote (see)
    image in the original post GB "gf lives in ANGEL, LONDON" so that's islington n1

    It's okay... he didn't finish reading... image

  • I lived in london for years, and used to commute into the city on my bike, its pretty intense.  However, long bike rides on a weekend from Angel are no problem, just head north, taking the side roads, to highgate.  Id then cut through golders green via hampstead heath, heading towards A5 via hendon and then out from there into hertfordshire (Elstree, Radlett etc).  The key is starting early.

  • Depending when/how often you are travelling up to London you might look to combining a trip to see your Angel with a long cycle (for instance at weekend). At 100ish miles might not be something you do every weekend, perhaps cycle part way, train the rest? Will need some logistical nous in terms of at having clothes at destination and how to have the cycle in the right place.

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