Training v Racing

I have just had my best (sprint) race yet, but the times for all 3 disciplines were not what i achieve in training, so simple question, are your PB's achieved away from the bright lights (as Mohammed Ali would say) or do you pull out the performances on race day?


  • If your best happens only in training and not in competition there's a word for that.


    So yes I pull out the best on race day.

  • Nope I'm a choker, well documented panicer.... If I'm still swimming at 8h15 tomorrow morning I've done it again...
  • err are you doing all 3 disciplines together in training.

    If you get fast training times in a single sport in training, then, over the 3 you will be slower.

    err and sprint distance - sorry - cant help there - I dont understand that distance image
    Its too hard for me

  • i love sprint distance and i put in some of my best run times on 5ks although i always find my swim is a bit of a let down as in a race theres 5 to a lane maybe and my records are done in an empty lane. Race day adrenaline seems to work for me, an example is the Dambuster triathlon where i took about 3 minutes off my PB over 25miles on the bike on the same course as i practice on quite regularly.

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