Lake Vyrnwy Half Marathon


 Has any one who has entered the Lake Vyrnwy half marathon this year received their race numbers yet??

We had to defer from last year and are getting worried that we might not have an entry into this years race




  • No, not received anything yet.  Seem to think they send them out a week or so before.  Drop the RD an email - she's really helpful.

  • Hi- anyone know if this is chip timed?

  • early days yet for numbers,prob get them around beginning of september

    JD don't think its chipped

  • MM61- Cor, you get around, don't you!image

  • I am doing this for the first time this year and its only my 2nd HM image as far as I am aware its not chip timed.

    Can anyone who usually does it give me any info about it?  I dont live in the area so anything you can tell me would be great image 

    I have heard, correct me if I am wrong image thats its a rather steady climb at the beginning for sometime upto the dam, then levels out from there?

    Really looking forward to it and have heard its beautiful scenery image

  • Hi Booeyimage

    Just received number and race info in the postimage

  • Hi Jason

    Hopefully mine will follow very soon then image

    Have you done it before?  If so whats it like? image

  • Booey- It's all new to me too. From what I gather from those who've done it before it starts off uphill in first mile, then flat around the lake before a downhill finish. Supposed to be fastimage 

  • Yaay my number came yesterday image

    Jason - thats exactly what I heard about it, so I just need to make sure I go off nice and slow and pace myself image

    Am hoping the weather is kind for us, fine but cool.  I really have a problem with running in heat image fingers crossed anyhow image

  • There is a small 'rise' at the start of the race - not too steep or troublesome, providing you don't go off too fast. After that, mild undulation & great scenery will get you round. Hopefully the weather won't be as hot as a few years back, which had runners keeling over at the side of the course. Also can't remember if there are water stations on the course, so might be prudent to carry your own supplies

    All the best to everyone and have a good race 

  • Craig- Thanks for that. Think the race leaflet says water every 3mimage

    Booey- I have booked dull and overcast and about 12 degrees with a light windimage

    Looking forward to it nowimage

  • Jason - you beat me to it image I was just about to post that drink stations should be around every 3 miles image  I did Silverstone HM back in March and it was a surprising very hot day and I seriously dont think I would have made it without the 4 drink stations image

    Your forecast sounds ideal, I second it image

    Craig - thanks for the info

    Am hoping to get out this weekend and do a long run, its been a while image just to put my mind at rest that I can actually do it image haha

    Have a lovely long weekend everyone image


  • Booey- good luck with the long runimage

    I'm using this race as a tune up race for Chester mara in early October- so plenty of long runs so far!image. Other tune up races are a local hilly (and long??) 10k this Sunday and the Swansea Bay 10k 2 weeks after Lake Vimage

  • Hi, Does anyone need a number for this race? My friends friend! has a number but is unable to do it. I think he wants some money for it but if you're interested drop me an email 

  • I 'm not doing it this year but it's a belter. Took a last minute number from a friend last year and had a good run. As said, slightly steady up for first crowded mile then over dam wall and flat , flat , flat! Very scenic. I paced it well although started too far back. Very gradually picked up to a fast finish (where there is a slight up too). Was close to PB despite going steady and being slowed in first mile. Enjoy!
  • Didn't manage a LSR over the weekend, just a 6.2 Sat and a 5 on Monday, maybe do it this week if not am out of time image looking forward to it though

  • Two numbers available here.  We've just not been able to do the training due to illness / injury.

  • Don't forget to contact the race organisors if you do obtain another number. In order to do a transfer.

  • sorry all i forgot all about this threadimage

    JD yes mate i get around did this 1st way back in 1995,done alot of them also done the marathon there in 2003image

    i still plan to do this but its only going to be a training run at best as i been out of action for 3months and only just upto 6 miles nowimage

  • yaay I managed a LSR friday morning of just over 10 miles image went well and feeling good and ready for Sunday image tapering now, may have a short run later image

    Good luck to everyone and see you there image

  • Remember, very narrow start so get a good position towards the front and be careful. Seen folk fall early on there.

  • The Egyptian Toe wrote (see)

    Remember, very narrow start so get a good position towards the front and be careful. Seen folk fall early on there.

    Probably better to say "start in a position that correspondes to your predicted finish time".... I've seen lots of runners start in the sub 90min area saying they were hoping to get under 2 hours!!!

    This is where the problem of fallers comes in as people behind (who are faster and stood in the correct starting zone) are having to pass these runners very early on.

  • I'm doing this one (number etc has arrived) ... well if I can get thereimage. I need to buy a new car before the weekend!

  • PB potential? First time I've run it, building up to Chester marathon early Oct so doesn't fit great with my long run schedule but considering having a go at a sub 1.35.
  • Simon- fits my P&D schedule for Chester- well, with a bit of juggling 10k and half races aroundimage Going to run this as a pulse check on progress towards Chester....image sub 80 hopefully

  • First half marathon since bad IBT injury - very excited but very nervous really looking forward to Sunday - is this a course for a PB or not?  Can anybody tell me if most of the route is under the trees as well please! See you all on Sunday image

  • DH coarse is 1st mile all uphill next 11 underlating left hand side off lake mostly in shade but the return on the right is mostly in the open last mile all downhill,hope this helpsimage

  • I'd not say that it is undulating. Only mile 1 and 13 a not flat IMO. The firstvtime I did it, I found it very hot over the last few miles as it is a late start and it is a little exposed too. Def PB course if not really warm IMO.
  • The Egyptian Toe wrote (see)

    Remember, very narrow start so get a good position towards the front and be careful. Seen folk fall early on there.

    Really, this is just what causes nasty injuries because like Dean Says the following runners basically overwelme the "slower" runner. if everyone started in the relevant zone this wouldn`t be a problem. fair enough if your going to be looking for a win or top ten or something otherwise its a bad idea really in my opinion.

  • Just out of interest how many pens and what sort of time intervals (15 mins or smaller).  I was hoping for a PB as running well at the mo after 18months of struggling with a hip injury but I suspect sundays forecasted weather will put a spanner in the works!  However, what I really don't want is to pick up an injury now (running Snowdonia next month), so want to make sure I am in the right place to stay out of trouble!  

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